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The JICS Parents' Association (PA)

All JICS parents are members of the Parents' Association

Everyone is encouraged to get involved and be active members of the JICS school community. You and your family are important to the life of the community and you belong!

who we are

The JICS Parents' Association is a volunteer, not for profit organization managed by the PA's elected Executive of seven parents, along with the Principal and Vice Principal.

Since 1968, the PA has had charitable status that allows it to issue charitable receipts for donations used to advance its purposes.

Our purpose is to provide educational resources and programs that advance the educations of the students, and to build, foster and support the JICS parent community.

We promote open and transparent parent-school communications; stimulate and organize parent engagement and volunteerism; and facilitate fundraising and events.

our financials

At JICS, there is a need for donated funds, above and beyond tuition, which only pays for the general operation of the school. The ongoing efforts of the Parents' Association are 100% funded through your annual membership fees and generous donations.

The PA fee is $25.00 per child along with a suggested charitable donation of $150.00 per child. It is simple to contribute and we ask you to do so via Canada Helps. We do recognize that some parents may prefer to pay only their family's membership fee and some may prefer to donate more or less than the suggested amount. No amount is too small or too big!

how does the PA contribute

iPads for classroom and specialty teachers

Art supplies

Playground equipment

Lice screening three times per year

Musical instruments, software and electronics for the music program

Purchase of drama scripts for the French program

Parent Social

Babysitting for school events

how can you contribute

Contribute time

  • Attend events and PA meetings

  • Volunteer! There are commitments to meet every schedule

  • Become a class rep

  • Help out in the classroom or on a field trip

  • Bookmark our parent website and share what's happening at JICS on social media


Contribute money

  • Pay your PA fees

  • Buy JICS merchandise

  • Shop with one of our many partners

  • Donate through Canada Helps

  • Donate through your organization's United Way Campaign

  • Consider a legacy gift to JICS PA

together, we'll continue to build and support the JICS parent community

JICS values a diverse, deeply inter-connected school community in which all members feel known, respected, and supported as active participants. The JICS PA will continue to support these values through your participation.

for further information

Megan Pearson, PA President:

Lisa Taharally, PA Volunteer Coordinator:



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