Meet Our PA Executive

Deepta Rayner


Children: Grade 4 and 1 Graduate (2019)

What I love about JICS: JICS fosters a love of learning in every aspect of its community (children, teachers, masters students, family, community members, and visitors).  In their early years, my kids didn’t even realize they were learning because they were just having so much fun…now they know they are learning and are still having fun!


Why I volunteer: I’ve been volunteering my whole life as I feel it is important to give back to the community in which I live.  Volunteering with the JICS PA keeps me connected to the school where my kids spend a great portion of their days and allows me to contribute my own expertise to help the PA and the school attain their full potential.  

François Tanguay-Renaud

Vice President

Child: Senior Kindergarten

Hasina Lookman


Children: Senior Kindergarten and 1 Graduate (2019)

What I love about JICS: I love how cutting edge the education is and how it really prepares kids to be innovators in the next generation. 


Why I volunteer: JICS is a special place and part of that is due to the incredible participation from parents.  I volunteer to help make the school an even more special place. 

Shamshad Bee

Volunteer Coordinator

Children: Junior Kindergarten and Grade 5

Shone Joos

Volunteer Coordinator

Child: Grade 5

Andrew Cain


Children: Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten

What I love about JICS: I leave JICS every day feeling so proud that my children go there. I know they're getting the best education, surrounded by incredible people in a safe environment where they can grow and learn freely. 


Why I volunteer: I want to make a difference. I believe that even the best can be better and I hope to contribute to as much as possible to achieving the goals of our parents here at JICS.

Jamie Deans


Children: Grade 2, 3 and 5

Malik Martin

Parent Education Chair

Child: Grade 2

Beth Corcoran

Past President

Children: Grade 3 and 5


What I love about JICS: There are several aspects of this school that I love. The focus on learning in an emotionally secure environment; the deep curiosity I see the school fostering in my children; the exceptionally talented teachers who know and care about each child in the school; the opportunity to have a voice as a parent

Why I volunteer: Our family is extremely grateful that our children have been granted an opportunity to attend JICS so I am motivated to serve this community. And, having served on many charitable Boards, I believe I can offer skills that will help the school realize its vision. 

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Meet Our Class Reps


Marjorie Spencer


Jennifer Swales


Afsaneh Lebel

Junior Kindergarten

Chloe Leon

Junior Kindergarten

Damon D'Oliveira

Senior Kindergarten

Casey Dabiet

Senior Kindergarten

Erin Hershberg

Grade One

Andre D'Elia

Grade One

Janina Shuster

Grade Two

Lesley Morris

Grade Two

Caitlin Reuter

Grade Three

Wendy Wang

Grade Three

Jennifer Lambert

Grade Four

Noam Tomczak

Grade Four

Karin Treiberg

Grade Five

Andrea Sharpe

Grade Five

Holly Coll-Black

Grade Six

Tracey Thomson

Grade Six

Andrew McDonald

Grade Six

Allison Chris

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