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JICS Reimbursement Requests

To request a reimbursement from the Parents' Association, please fill out this form online.

In order to receive a reimbursement, please ensure the following conditions are met:

  1. Upload scanned copies of all receipts 

  2. The receipt should be from a company with a registered HST number

  3. The receipt should be paid in full

  4. For online orders or catering requests, the receipt should be made in the name of the person who is requesting the reimbursement. Please ensure same spelling

  5. All goods need to be for use of JICS PA

  6. If goods are being delivered, the delivery address should be the school unless otherwise stated why.

  7. Scanned copies of the receipts to be included with your request. We cannot reimburse cash payments unless you have specific approval for it.

  8. Reimbursements will be processed within 2 weeks.

  9. Reimbursements will be provided by check left with Nancy at school.

  10. Please hand in the original receipts when you get your check as we aren't sure if CRA needs them.



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