1. Tuition Fees
Fees statements are issued, via email, from Financial Services at the University of Toronto. 


Fees 2021/2022:

Nursery students entering Jackman ICS in September 2021/2022 tuition is $16,807 + Enrolment Fee 


Students entering Jackman ICS full-time in September 2021/2022 tuition is $26,114 + Enrolment Fee


Enrolment Fee:

For each new student entering Jackman ICS there is an Enrolment Fee.

The Enrolment Fee is $5,000 for students entering Nursery to Grade Two; $3,000 for Grades 3 and 4; $2,000 for Grades 5 and 6.  The enrolment fee is non-refundable and due upon acceptance.

Included in Tuition Fees:
  • Snack fees:  Nursery to Grade 3

  • Field Trip fees:  Nursery to Grade 6 (day trips and annual trips)

  • Most school clubs and sports teams


2. Not Included in Tuition Fees

  • Grade 5/6 May year end trip and other overnight trips

  • Daycare

  • Wednesday Afternoon Program

  • Hot Lunch Program

  • Parents' Association (PA) Fees


3. Parents' Association (PA) Fees

Tuition Fee Payment Schedule:

A non-refundable deposit of $5,000 is due upon offer of admission or at re-enrollmet in January.  All deposits paid will be deducted from total amount.   A second non-refundable payment representing 50% of the balance is due April 30, 2021.  The remaining balance is due the first day of school.  Cheques are payable to The University of Toronto.  Any outstanding balances after the first day of school will be subject to an interest charge of 18% per annum calculated monthly until the final payment has been received by the University.

All fees will be received by the School Office Administrator at the Lab School. All cheques are made payable to the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO.

Where applicable, certificates for income tax purposes will be sent out by regular mail from the General Accounting Department at the University of Toronto late in February. There is no childcare certificate for Nursery.

Fees Information

All cheques are made payable to the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO
Fee Inquiries

Ms. Nataliya Iordakiyeva

University of Toronto, Accounts Receivable Section

215 Huron Street, 2nd Floor

Toronto, ON

M5S 1A2

Phone: (416) 978-2073

Fax: (416) 978-5572

Lab School Inquiries

Shama Joshi

Phone: 416-934-4517

Email: labschooloffice@utoronto.ca

Fees and the University of Toronto

The school fees are set by the University of Toronto.  

The Laboratory School's connection to the University influences everything from our high academic standards to the spirit of inquiry that pervades our classrooms. The University provides our faculty with professional development opportunities, resources, research support, and library facilities which make our lively community of professional learners a unique school workplace in all of Canada. The children in our classes benefit from these university connections both directly and indirectly on a daily basis. 

The school fees do not represent the full costs of educating a child at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study.  The University of Toronto deducts what it recognizes the Lab School’s contributions to the academic work of the University to be and has calculated the fees outlined on this page.   

The school contributes on many levels to the academic work of the University by linking educational theory and practice for the benefit of:

  • Teacher-candidates in the Master of Arts Child Studies in Education program at OISE & other teacher preparation programs at OISE;

  • Researchers:  Jackman ICS serves as a site for research that is carried out by the academic staff and teacher-candidates from the Institute itself, by scholars from other departments at the University of Toronto and other academic institutions, and by the teachers at the Jackman ICS Laboratory School.  Lab School teachers regularly present at international educational conferences such as AERA and are co-authors on academic journal publications; 

  • Professional Visitors:  The Laboratory School welcomes thousands of visitors from the Ministry of Education and other ministries, public school boards, national and international researchers, OISE visiting scholars, policy makers, teachers, and teacher-educators;

  • In-service teachers through the publication and dissemination of resources such as “Natural Curiosity:  A Resource for Teachers” and The Robertson Program for Inquiry-based Teaching in Math and Science;

  • Educational policy makers:  Jackman ICS has works closely with the Student Achievement Division and the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat of the Ministry of Education and the Ontario Principals’ Association to create professional learning resources.