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JICS Lab School Privacy Policy

The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School (“JICS Lab School”) is committed to protecting the privacy of our constituents. We know that maintaining the trust of our constituents is important for all parties, and we recognize that, to maintain this trust, we must be responsible, transparent and accountable in how we treat the personal information that is shared with us. Our privacy practices are designed to protect this information.


The JICS Lab School maintains personal information records on all constituents (parents, students, teachers, teacher-candidates, staff, work-study students, volunteers, alumni, alumni parents, suppliers, contractors, donors, friends, supporters, and other individuals connected to or visiting the school).


Examples of the personal information that the JICS Lab School may collect, use, and store about its community include:


  • Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other contact details

  • Student information (date of birth, gender, country of birth, citizenship)

  • Family information (emergency contacts, authorized pick-up persons)

  • Admissions application information (diversity, sibling information, interest in school)

  • Academic information such as attendance, grades, progress reports etc., and information about special educational needs

  • Images, audio, and video recordings

  • Courses, meetings, or events attended

  • Website visitor information (country/region, new or returning visitors, device type)

  • Health information (including health card number)

  • Police reference and/or Vulnerable Sector Screening check information


How Personal Information is Used and Stored


Personal information — gathered by the JICS Lab School through applications, registrations, and updates provided by constituents — is used to do the following: 

  • Carry out our business purpose (education and running the school) and provide related services to its students and other community members

  • Administer our admissions process

  • Inform current, former, and prospective students or their families about events and activities, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising efforts

  • Send our constituents publications

  • Solicit financial support for the school

  • Publish our student directory (distributed only to current families in the school, who choose to publish their contact information) 

  • Communicate with constituents on an individual basis


The JICS Lab School maintains confidential and secure databases and files on campus, to which only authorized staff have access. Staff members may be provided with personal information on specific individuals to assist them with their responsibilities. Staff members will be trained in dealing with personal information, in accordance with our privacy policy, and are required to adhere to this policy. Any third parties who conduct business on behalf of the JICS Lab School, such as the Parents’ Association and ICS After School Daycare, are also required to adhere to the school's privacy policy. JICS Lab School does not rent, sell, trade or provide personal information to individuals or organizations outside of the school.


The JICS Lab School does not track the identity of visitors to our website (; however, we do have access to view a limited amount of information such as, country/region of origin and if they are a new or returning visitor. At no time is the identity of the user known or recorded.


Changes to Personal Information


We make efforts to ensure that all personal information is up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Parents of current students should log into the SFO portal to ensure household information is up-to-date. All other community members should notify the JICS Lab School Office of any significant changes to important information, such as contact details. Please contact the JICS Lab School at

Current families will be asked to confirm or update their household information in an annual basis.


Ministry of Education


The school will exchange personal information with the Ontario Ministry of Education in order to assign, update, and validate the Ontario Education Number and the personal information associated with them.


This Policy


It is your right to view your personal information on file at the school. We require notice to ensure that the appropriate individual is available to review your file with you, and is available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.


Personal information may have been collected before or after this Policy was first published. ICS Lab School may amend this Policy from time to time. The date on which the Policy was last amended is provided at the end of the Policy.


Please direct any questions or concerns relating to the JICS Lab School’s privacy policy, or the treatment of personal information, to


Updated: Dec 2022



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