Richard and Chriss' Welcome

Dear Jackman ICS families


Welcome to the Jackman ICS family website!  We feel that communication with parents is vitally important for the benefit of the child. 

This website is designed and dedicated to serve the needs of current Lab School parents.  It is a complete gathering of pertinent information about the Lab School including copies of all emails sent home from the school office.  We have a section for information from our wonderful Parents’ Association; a new method to complete and update school forms online; and a password protected section to store our beautiful student newsletters.  More information about the Lab School and the Institute as a whole, can be found on the university website:

At Jackman ICS, we believe that “all ideas are improvable”! We invite you to explore this website and if you have recommendations to improve its use, please let us know!

Richard Messina, Principal


Chriss Bogert, Vice Principal


Meet Our School Adminstrators

Nancy Boudreau

School Administrator


Paige Lancaster



Jun Cheng

Business Officer


Tory McCracken

In-House Supply Teacher & Administrative Assistant

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Meet Our Classroom Teachers

Norah L’Esperance

Nursery West Teacher

Krista Spence

Nursery West Teacher

Tara Rousseau

Nursery East Teacher

Kenisha Peters

Nursery East Teacher

Marcia Bumbury

Junior Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

Charlotte Batler

JK Team Teacher

Carol Stephenson

Senior Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

Evan Riddell

SK Team Teacher

Raadiyah Nazeem

Grade One Homeroom Teacher

Jessika Hannon-Hupe

Grade One Team Teacher

David Osorio

Grade Two Homeroom Teacher

Rosie Spada

Grade Two Team Teacher

Mike Martins

Grade Three Homeroom Teacher

Shanese Levy

Grade Three Team Teacher

Robin Shaw

Grade Four Homeroom Teacher

Walker Kitchens

Grade Four Team Teacher

Zoe Donoahue

Grade Five Homeroom Teacher

Meaghan Jeremic

Grade Five Team Teacher

Ben Peebles

Grade Six Homeroom Teacher

Rabia Chaudhry

Grade Six Team Teacher

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Meet Our Specialty Teachers

Judith Kimel

Special Education Teacher

Nick Song

Special Education Teacher

Tania Debss

Primary French Teacher

Christel Durand

Junior French Teacher

Sarah Murray

Drama Teacher and Wednesday Program Coordinator

Suzanne Schwenger

Primary Music Teacher

Russell Hersen

Junior Music Teacher

Haley Higdon

Natural Curiosity Environmental Education - Co-Director

Brenda Simon

Natural Curiosity Environmental Education - Co-Director

Rosa Na

Natural Curiosity Environmental Education - Program Manager

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Meet Our Daycare Staff

Anne Marie Bartoli

Daycare Supervisor, RECE

Luis Alves

Morning Daycare and Schoolage Daycare

Silvana Clavero

Nursery and Schoolage Daycare, RECE

Chris Holdip

Daycare Staff, RECE

Kenisha Peters

Daycare Staff, RECE

Debbie Young

Daycare Staff, RECE

Lisa Taharally

Daycare Staff, OCT

Erika Stein

Daycare Staff

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