Letters from the PA President, Deepta Rayner

October 15, 2020

PA Meeting

The PA will be holding a meeting open to all JICS families on October 20th at 6pm. This is your opportunity to learn about the PA financials, this year’s PA goals, fundraising efforts, and reports from class reps.

Please register and provide any questions you may have in advance here.

PA Fees & Donations

To all families who’ve paid their PA Fees and Donations, thanks so much. So far, we are at about 80% of our goal of raising $23,250. For those who have not yet, please click through to this link to pay your PA Fees/Donations. These fees go a long way to ensure that every family is supported with access to a social worker, equipment to keep our children active, and parent education events.


Staying warm as the weather cools

As the weather starts getting chilly, we have sweatshirts and toques for you and your family to wear with JICS pride. Get your school wear at the JICS Shop online. Your purchased items will be sent home with your child within a few days of purchase (huge thank you to the JICS Staff who will help with order fulfillment while our parent volunteers are unable to enter the school).


Warm regards,


October 8, 2020

This is a gentle reminder to those who have not done so already to please pay your PA fees and donations here. These fees go a long way to support the school, especially this year of new costs and needs. Here are a few examples of how PA funds may be used to support this year:

  • Cohort-specific gym and recess equipment

  • Musical instruments that are grade specific

  • Experts presenting Parent Education on timely matters such as COVID-19, parent stress, anti-Black racism​


September 24, 2020

Dear JICS Families,

Thanks to all who were able to attend the “Parent Social” on Tuesday evening. It wasn’t the same as previous years, but it was truly great to see so many familiar and new faces without masks! In case you missed it, this note is a summary of what we discussed.



  • All JICS families are automatically members of the Jackman ICS Parents’ Association, a registered charitable organization.

  • The purpose of the PA is to provide educational resources and programs that advance the education of the students, and to build, foster, and support the JICS parent community – for more info on who we are and what we do, please go to www.jicsfamily.com/about-the-pa


  • The Fall is typically when the PA does its biggest fundraising and we are currently asking families to contribute to fees ($25/child) and donations ($150/child) to help with several key priority areas: please pay your PA fees and donations here.

  • Thanks to those who have already contributed - We are currently only at 20% of our goal, and every contribution will go a long way this year.

Parent Education

  • This year, we will focus on leveraging the fact that our events will be virtual and we will be reaching out to JICS faculty and guest speakers both within and outside of the GTA (or even outside of Canada) to inform us on various topics, including: COVID, Racism, Emotional Wellness and more.

Getting Involved

  • A number of parents asked how they could contribute to the PA or the broader JICS community. Please connect with Carolynne Hew at carolynnehew@gmail.com

  • We received a question about the best way to thank all the teachers and admin for their tireless efforts over the summer months preparing for our children’s safety and learning this Fall – please share ideas with your Class Reps.

  • We will also be working with the Class Reps to explore ways to engage with parents and families over the coming months to create community.


A few words of thanks, in advance, to our PA Exec and Class Reps:

  • Francois Tanguay-Renauld – for planning the parent social

  • Carolynne Hew and Shami Bee – for helping to ensure we have enough parent volunteers when needed

  • Andrew Cain – for making sure we are all connected and communicating

  • Casey Dabiet – for coordinating parent education events throughout the year

  • Shawn Konopinsky – for keeping our budget and finances in order

  • Beth Corcoran – for your guidance and mentorship

  • Richard Messina and Chriss Bogert - for your leadership at the school, ensuring all families are welcome and that everyone can participate

  • All the Class reps – for engaging each cohort of parents!


Warm regards,


September 3, 2020

Dear JICS Families,


On behalf of the JICS Parents' Association, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all parents, guardians, and families of students at Jackman Institute of Child Studies for the 2020-2021 school year. All families at JICS are automatically members of the JICS Parents’ Association.

Our children have an interesting year ahead! While things are certainly different this year, we want you to know that the PA is here to support you and your families.

This year, the PA will focus our efforts on the following three themes:

  • Support the learning and well-being of our children

  • Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

  • Parent Engagement and Education through virtual events (until it is safe to meet in person)

Fundraising by the PA provides necessary resources to continue improvements to our school and learning opportunities for our children. The PA runs one large fundraiser in the fall through PA fees and donations. Your PA fees include the following benefits (more details to come):

  • Access to a Social Worker (2 days per week; 50% shared cost with JICS)

  • Lice screening (3x per year)

  • New Phys. Ed and playground equipment to enable safe and healthy distanced play

One of our parents, Lisa Strug (mom to Leo – G4 and Blair – G6), is a Senior Scientist with the Genetics and Genome Biology program at SickKids Research Institute. If there is enough interest, Lisa has graciously offered to help implement a masking program at JICS so that our children do not need to be handling dirty masks and bringing them back and forth from school.

  • The cost would be ~$15/week and children would receive a clean cloth mask in the morning on entry to the building and another on entry after lunch outdoor play.

  • Dirty masks are dropped in a bin, cleaned commercially and returned to the school for reuse.

  • The masks are 3-ply reusable face masks that provide a snug fit in child and youth sizes with breathable layers of fabric that are designed for daily use and adhere to the recommendations arising from recent scientific studies.

Please click on this poll and let us know if you are interested in participating or not. There is no commitment here, as we are just trying to determine whether we should move ahead with the program for JICS: https://www.strawpoll.me/20876458

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Lisa directly at lisa.strug@sickkids.ca.

Finally, Please reach out if you have any questions or ideas, or if you want to get more involved with the Parent Association. We would love to hear from you!!





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