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School’s out for Summer!

Goodbye, Graduates!

The Grade 6 Graduation ceremony and reception on Thursday, June 13, were perfect thanks to an incredible planning committee of Gr 6 parents and the help of many Gr 5 parent volunteers! Thank you: Sarah, Ben, Nick, Krista and Judith for all your work on the ceremony.

It was such a special day with our students poised between their elementary school days and the next huge chapters of their lives they will continue to live so beautifully.

Gr 6 Parents, we are grateful for your trust in us and the nourishment and encouragement you have given these amazing graduates. You chose Jackman ICS all those years ago, or maybe you arrive just this year, and I thank you all. It has been a privilege to watch your child grow and flourish.

It is my pleasure to announce the Grade 6 legacy gift. The Grade 6 parents chose to purchase a professional scoreboard which will be used at sport tournaments we can now host in our beautiful gym. We thank you and we will think of this cohort of families each time a basket is made, a volley won, and a goal scored!

I want to say a special goodbye and thank you to those families who have completed their Jackman ICS journey and with this graduation, have finished their years here. These are families who understood and embraced the philosophy, values and mission of the lab school at a time when we were not as diverse as we wanted to be and yet they trusted us and encouraged and helped us to achieve our goals. Thank you and remember, you are always welcome at JICS!

JICS Avengers

You may have heard from your child that Nick worked his magic again this year at graduation by writing, filming, editing, and producing a short video as a gift to our graduates staring the JICS faculty. I hope you enjoy viewing the “JICS Avengers” as much as we enjoyed making it:

NEW Hot Lunch Program beginning September 2019

Thank you for participating in the hot lunch program survey. Your feedback was used by the JICS PA to research and select “The Lunch Mom (TLM)”. A special thanks to JICS parent, Casey for her leadership. Information about how to register and order will be sent out in August.

Here is some information from TLM:

TLM Catering provides approximately 5,000 hot lunches per week at 11 of Toronto’s private, separate and public schools, and we are pleased to announce that we will be starting lunch service for your children in September 2019!

Unlike bagged lunch programs, all children have the SAME buffet-style lunch every day. This helps ensure that each participating child has the opportunity to try new, healthy foods. FOODS ARE GROUPED LOOSELY BY DAY TO HELP WITH FUSSY EATERS - for example, Monday is Pasta/Chicken Day, Wednesday is Beef-Lovers day, and Friday is Fun Day! Parents can order any number of days per week.

Our kitchen is nut and seed free, and is staffed with dedicated individuals ensuring that only the highest quality foods reach the children’s plates. Vegetarian, dairy-free, and egg-free options are provided upon request. Gluten-free is also available at a cost of $1 extra per meal.

Children are served quickly and efficiently by our servers, allowing for some modification of the lunches (more/less sauce, more salad etc.). Food is delivered in insulated carriers and only opened at the start of lunch service. This caterer-served meal delivery process ensures that the child's meal is piping hot when served, and that there are seconds (or thirds!) available. A raw fruit and vegetable are served with every meal.

Our program is an environmentally GREEN service. Children are served on real plates and use real flat-wear. These dishes are scraped at the end of the meal into green bins for composting, and returned to the catering kitchen for washing and reuse.

To make it easier for the little ones, nursery and kinders are served in individual, reusable containers, that are packed on site immediately before lunch.

We look forward to working with the Jackman Institute this upcoming fall!


JICS Awarded Gold Standing – A Message from the JICS Eco Friends Team

Eco Friends is made up of a team of JICS staff members that are focused on implementing and sustaining eco-friendly initiatives and tracking the school’s practices. In partnership with Natural Curiosity we completed an EcoSchools application for this school year and we are excited to share that Jackman ICS achieved a GOLD standing! We celebrate this success but also know that there is so much more we can be doing and we will continue to strive to engage in practices and teachings that focus on protecting and caring for our earth.

Summer Recycling Package – A note from the Grade 2 Students:

Dear JICS Families,

The Grade 2 class has created a Summer Recycling Package. There are many activities for you to do and games for you to make. There is also information about recycling and what we are hoping you will keep in mind as you enjoy your summer. See link above.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful summer!

The Grade 2 Class

Staff PD Week

This week is filled with planned professional development opportunities, meetings for classroom and specialty teachers, and CPR/First Aid training.

Have a great summer!




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