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Staffing News

Dear Parents,

Staffing News

I am delighted to share a staffing update for September 2019:

We received a robust list of applicants in response to our ad for a new Grade 3 Teacher. Joining us in September will be Thelma Akyea. Thelma is an exemplary and very experienced teacher who has worked for TDSB in many roles: as a lead teacher for the Model Schools for Inner Cities program; as a teacher of math, science, design, and technology at Carleton Village PS; and as a Grade 3 and 4 teacher at Equinox Alternative School. Thelma is committed to inclusive and equitable teaching and learning which is coupled with her passion for research in sociocultural approaches to STEM education. Thelma’s exudes warmth, thoughtfulness, and a deeply caring nature. The JICS teaching faculty looks forward to working and learning from her, and we know that the children are going to love her!

I want to take this opportunity to thank the hiring committee members: Beth Corcoran (president of the PA); Dr. Clare Kosnik (JICS Director, OISE); Chriss Bogert (VP); Judith Kimel (Special Ed teacher); Robin Shaw (Gr 4 teacher); Raadiyah Nazeem (Gr 2 teacher) and Zoe Donoahue (Gr 1 teacher). I chaired the hiring committee. The committee members vetted the applications, created a short-list for interview, contacted references, interviewed the applicants, and observed them in their current classrooms before making their decisions. I know that the JICS children and parents will be thrilled with our selection.

Thelma and her family will be joining us at Family Fun Night tomorrow and she looks forward to meeting you.

Family Fun Night

If you have not purchased your tickets for the year’s most anticipated and cherished community event, here is a link:

All JICS teachers and staff enjoy this opportunity to share some casual time with JICS families.

All the best,




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