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Staffing News

Dear JICS Parents,

I would like to inform you about some new staffing decisions for September 2018:

I am delighted to inform you that beloved JICS teacher, Raadiyah Nazeem will be returning from her maternity leave and she will be teaching Grade 2 next year. The JICS teachers are excited to have Raadiyah back as she is an exceptional teacher and colleague!

In June, we will say goodbye to Sarah Luongo, our seconded Grade 2 teacher from the Toronto Catholic District School Board and to Shanti Harris from the Toronto District School Board, our seconded Grade 3 teacher. We will remember their uncommon depth of understanding of each child along with their wide compassion and deep pedagogical and curricular knowledge. We hope to continue our relationship with Sarah and Shanti as mentors to our MA CSE teacher-candidates and as a future collaborator on joint research projects.

We have begun the hiring process to find an outstanding and experienced Grade 3 teacher. Here is a copy of the ad we have posted in public school list serves, Jobs in Education, and on our public website:

Our search for teachers always attracts many impressive applicants and we are committed to finding the perfect person for each position at Jackman ICS. The hiring committee will include: a divisional teacher; Special Ed teacher; Vice Principal, Chriss Bogert; a JICS professor; Parents’ Association representative and myself. I will chair the committee. If you have thoughts about the strengths and qualities you would like to see in the Jackman ICS Grade 3 teacher position, please send them to me:

Secondments at JICS

You may have questions about our secondment policy and practice. I hope the following information is helpful.

Q: Which JICS teachers are currently seconded?

A: In addition to Shanti and Sarah, Grade 5 teacher, Tanya Demjanenko, is seconded from TDSB. Tanya will continue into her 2nd year as the Grade 5 teacher for the 2018-2019 school year.

Q: Why does Jackman ICS hire seconded teachers?

A: Jackman ICS has a long history of seconding teachers from various public school boards across the GTA. Our mandate as an educational research institute is to provide exemplary education to our students. Teachers from the public school system who exemplify best practice bring their skills and vast experiences to the lab school students and teachers. Together we benefit from working in a collaborative community of knowledge builders who encourage reciprocal professional development. Jackman ICS views teacher secondments as a “two-way street” of learning and opportunity for growth.

Secondment agreements with public school boards are for 1 to 3 years. After a secondment has concluded, teachers return to their respective boards and share with their fellow colleagues the practices, research, and successes that they have experienced at the Lab School. The reintegration of seconded teachers into the public school setting, along with graduates from the Child Studies and Education Master of Arts Teacher Ed Program, are some of the ways that Jackman ICS serves our public purpose (

At Jackman ICS, we know that our teachers are our greatest asset. Each teacher knows the curriculum extremely well but more importantly, JICS teachers follow and contribute to the important intellectual and scientific developments in research of how children learn best.

All other teachers at JICS will remain in their current positions for the 2018-2019 school year.

All the best,




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