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Direct JICS Donations Through Your Corporate United Way Campaign

Dear JICS Families,

Direct Funds to JICS through your Corporate United Way Campaign

Did you know that you can contribute to JICS through your corporate United Way campaign? Many companies will double your impact by matching your donation dollar-for-dollar. Please consider allocating some or all of your corporate donations to JICS during this year’s campaign. Don’t miss out on this terrific opportunity for the school!

The JICS PA is registered as the “St. George’s School’s Parents Association” for historic reasons. You should just need the charity name and number to donate. Please contact Beth Corcoran if you experience any trouble donating through your employer.

Charitable Information: The St. George's School's Parents Association Reg #119175537RR0001

Needed: Volunteers for the JICS Book Committee

The JICS Parents’ Association is currently seeking volunteers to help organize the annual JICS Book Day in late November. Click here to sign up. All are welcome!

Parent’s Association Meeting and Community Chat

JICS Parents' Association meetings are held three times per year. They are a great way to meet other parents, to get to know what is going on at the school, to ask questions and to have a voice. Click here to RSVP today.

The Community Chat is the portion of the evening that Richard and Chriss will speak to parents about a pertinent topic at JICS. The topic of this Community Chat will be "JICS Students and Tutoring." Questions can be submitted in advance through an RSVP to the event.

Children can also be registered for babysitting through your RSVP. The deadline for babysitting registration is today, Friday October 13, 2017. For safety reasons, unregistered children cannot be accepted for babysitting on the night of the event.

Have a wonderful weekend,




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