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Tuition DUE, Distance Ed, Parent Ed

Topics covered in this post:

  1. DUE TOMORROW - Tuition Payment 2021-2022 School Year

  2. Distance Learning Sustainability

  3. EECOM 2021

  4. Natural Curiosity Parent Think Tank, May 27th 7-8:30pm

  5. Parent Education: Being Smart About Gifted Learning


  7. Upcoming April Events

  8. Upcoming May Events


1. DUE TOMORROW - Tuition Payment 2021-2022 School Year

The second tuition payment is due April 30, 2021. This payment is non-refundable and representing 50% of the balance tuition balance.

Please make cheque payable to The University of Toronto.

The school office is open weekdays 8:00-3:00pm for in-person tuition cheque drop off.

Nursery 2021-2022 Tuition is $16,807

  • A non-refundable deposit of $5,000 was paid at the time of acceptance.

  • 50% balance due April 30 = $5904 (non-refundable)

Full Day (JK to Grade 6) 2021-2022 Tuition is $26,114

  • A non-refundable deposit of $5,000 was paid in January 2021.

  • 50% balance due April 30 = $10 557 (non-refundable)

The final tuition payment is due on the first day of school in September.


2. Distance Learning Sustainability

Thank-you parents for your appreciation of the incredible effort of our teachers to create engaging programs that bring connection and community to your children. Your many messages of gratitude and solidarity are heartwarming for all of us.

There is no doubt about it that distance learning is hard for students, parents, and teachers. This week we are observing a similar pattern to the other two times we’ve had to move into a distance learning mode. For many students this starts with initial enthusiasm but is soon followed by a drop in mood and motivation as the novelty of being in school at home in pjs wears off and there is no reassurance of when we will back together in person.

As our time apart continues, teachers may be reassessing their expectations and schedules to fit what they feel is best for their students, their engagement, and their mental health. This will vary across the grades as each group of children is unique in their developmental needs and individual in their responses to the challenges of online school. Changes might include reducing the schedule, narrowing the curriculum, creating more asynchronous off-line experiences, and designing “fun” non-academic experiences. We thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding as teachers make adjustments when needed to their programming to foster the sustainability of distance learning. We encourage parents to do the same. Please be in touch with the teachers to let them know if you are making any adjustments in your own child/ren’s participation in the distance education program to support their mental health and well-being.


3. EECOM 2021

Last week the Canadian Network of Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) held their first ever virtual conference April 21-24 “Exploring the Nature of Cities”, co-hosted by our own Natural Curiosity (NC) team and Ecoschools Canada. Congratulations to Haley Higdon (NC Program Director) for co-chairing a spectacular conference, with over 800 participants from across Canada. There were many highlights, including these moments:

  1. A team of Lab School educators presented a virtual tour of the school: Lighting the Fire: A Laboratory Schools Journey Towards Nurturing Reciprocal Relationships with the Natural World. Thank you to Rosa, Norah, Krista, Raadiyah, David, and Chriss, along with JICS parent and NC author Doug Anderson, for presenting on Saturday so thoughtfully and articulately about the Lab School’s journey with land-based education. Here is a link to the view the presentation:

  2. Haley Higdon (NC Program Director) and Rosa Na (NC Program Manager) gave a wonderful presentation to a packed zoom audience: Natural Curiosity: The Importance of Indigenous Perspectives in Environmental Inquiry (Presentation link coming soon). This was similar to the presentation shared with our Lab School parents on February 9th on the history, vision, and impact of the Natural Curiosity program with our own families. Here is a link to the view the presentation:

  3. Krista Spence, Teacher Librarian for all students Nursery to Grade 6, Technology Integrator, and this year Nursery Teacher, received an EECOM Award of Excellence in recognition for her many contributions to the school as an exemplary environmental educator. Krista has been a leader in the school modelling a commitment to ethically incorporating Indigenous knowledge, culture, stories, and perspectives into her teaching in partnership and consultation with Indigenous elders and partners. She is also an environmentalist and a gardener, and is integrally involved in the restoration and tending of land around the school. Krista believes in demonstrating her goal of connecting to the land and building relationship with the natural world in both her work as an educator and in everyday actions. Krista has inspired the entire school community to think and feel more deeply about their own relationships to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.


4. Natural Curiosity Parent Think Tank

May 27th | 7:00-8:30pm

In 2017, Natural Curiosity pulled together leaders in our community with the knowledge, skills, and experience to advise us on how best to launch our new resource that adds an Indigenous lens to our approach to environmental education. With your support, Natural Curiosity 2nd Edition: The Importance of Indigenous Perspectives in Children’s Environmental Inquiry is now a bestseller in Canadian educational publishing with more than 9,000 copies sold to date.

At this time, we are again seeking support from parents with an interest in environmental and Indigenous education for the next phase of Natural Curiosity, as we expand our reach and impact through new professional learning offerings and products.

We welcome any parents to join us who can offer business and marketing advice, or who just have an interest in supporting the work of the Natural Curiosity program.


5. Parent Education: Being Smart About Gifted Learning

with Dr. Dona Matthews & Dr. Joanne Foster, hosted by The Mabin School

Wednesday, May 5 2021 | 8:00pm

Registration deadline – May 3: Register here

In these difficult times, it’s especially important to pay attention to the diverse needs of children and adolescents, and to provide the encouragement and developmental supports that they require. Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster discuss ways to provide an “optimal match” between individuals and their learning experiences. They focus on ways to nurture engagement, resilience, creativity, and productivity, and they offer practical strategies for maintaining a healthy life balance and strengthening connections at home and school.

Dona Matthews, PhD, was founding director of the Hunter College Center for Gifted Education and Development. Her career combines university teaching; working with children, families, and schools; and writing books and articles for parents, including a blog for Psychology Today. Joanne Foster, EdD, is a gifted education consultant and the author of six books and countless published articles, including at The Creativity Post. She works with educators and parents, focusing on learning, motivation, creativity, and child development.



Cursive writing fun in Grade 2!

Nursery children at school!

Spring has sprung at JICS!


7. Upcoming April Events

April 12 to May 11 – Ramadan

Wed 14 – International Day of Pink (postponed to May 20)

Fri 30 – Parent Information Post Talks 9:30 - 10:00am (Zoom link)

Fri 30 – 2021-2022 Tuition Payment Due Date (second non-refundable payment representing 50% of the balance)

Nursery Tuition is $16,807. 50% balance = $5904 (non-refundable)

Full Day (JK to Grade 6) Tuition is $26,114. 50% balance = $10 557 (non-refundable)


8. Upcoming May Events - Asian Heritage Month

May 3 – Daycare Board Meeting. 5:30pm Wed 5 – Parent Teacher Interviews PM Fri 7 – Parent Information Post Talks 9:30 - 10:00am (Zoom link) Fri 7 – PFLAG Canada LGBTQ2S presentations (Gr 2-6) Wed 12 – Eid-al-Fitr (begins at sunset) Mon 17 to Tues 18 – Shavout Mon 17 or Wed 19 – Hold the Date - Parents' Association Meeting (details coming soon) Fri 21 – UofT Presidential Day. School and Daycare closed. Mon 24 – Victoria Day. School and Daycare closed. Thurs 27 – Natural Curiosity Parent Think Tank. 7:30pm (RSVP) Fri 28 – Parent Information Post Talks 9:30 - 10:00am (Zoom link)


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