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Lunch & Learn with Ellie and Midterm Holiday

Updated: Feb 2

JICS at a Glance

We've condensed the important highlights for your convenience:

Topics covered in this post:


1. Parent Education - Lunch & Learn with Ellie

Thursday Feb 8th, 1:00 to 2:00 pm


Topic: The Social Lives of Children: How to Support Your Child Through the Ups and Downs of Friendship

At this Lunch and Learn with JICS social worker, Ellie, we will talk about children's friendships and typical struggles that occur with their friends and classmates. What is helpful as a parent when you hear about being excluded or other behaviour? Join us to talk about how you can support your child to feel secure and develop positive skills in relationships. As always, we will begin with 30 minutes of presentation (recorded) and 30 minutes of (unrecorded) questions and discussion.  


2. Black History Month

Today is the start of Black History Month at JICS and in schools across the country. In the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing how we are honouring the legacy and achievements of Black Canadians, past and present. Tomorrow, all classes will take part in a steelpan workshop with Winston “Pappy” Frederick, former president and pannist with Trinidad’s Dunlop Tornado Steel Orchestra.


3. Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon

Saturday, February 10 is Lunar New Year, the joyous festival celebrated in many Asian countries. Marking the end of Winter, the Spring Festival (known as Chinese Chunjie, Vietnamese Tet, Korean Solnal, and Tibetan Losar) begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar and ends on the first full moon of the lunar calendar, 15 days later. Each culture celebrates in its own way. For some, New Year’s Eve and New Year's Day are reserved for family celebrations, including ceremonies honouring ancestors and family members receiving red envelopes (lai see). Dances and fireworks are prevalent throughout the holidays, culminating in the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated on the last day of the New Year’s celebrations. On this night, colourful lanterns light up the houses and traditional foods such as yuanxiao (sticky rice balls that symbolize family unity), fagao (prosperity cake), and yusheng (raw fish and vegetable salad) are served.

At the JICS Lab School, we are so fortunate to have families from diverse backgrounds. If you celebrate Lunar New Year, please enrich our learning by sharing your culture. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your child's teachers.


4. Midterm Holiday

The Lab School will be closed (Nursery to Grade 6) on Friday, February 16 and Monday, February 19 (Family Day). We wish everyone a well-earned mid-term holiday. The Daycare is open for registered users on Friday, February 16. Don't hesitate to contact Daycare Director Anne Marie for more information. 


5. Enhancing Public Education: Fulfilling Our Commitment

In each recent POST, we have underscored the impact of the JICS Lab School on educational practices and the global standard of teacher education. Today, we are happy to highlight more significant achievements:


In retirement, Principal Emerita Elizabeth Morley continues her work on the Board of Directors with the International Association of Laboratory Schools (IALS). Most recently Elizabeth represented the JICS Lab School as a speaker at Thammasat University in Thailand. The IALS delegation visited 4 laboratory schools in Thailand in December, including the newly developing Thamassat Lab School, which is 8 years old and has adopted a progressive approach to education. Elizabeth presented about the JICS Lab School approach, specifically highlighting innovative curriculum development, the value of inquiry-based learning, and the success of our best-selling book, Natural Curiosity.  The visit made new connections for the JICS community. 

Marcia Bumbury, Grade 3 teacher has been selected to present a workshop at the 27th Annual Toronto Educators Association for Mathematics (TEAMS) Conference in February. Her session, titled "Equity in Early Years Math," will delve into the critical theme of fostering equity through elevated expectations and the implementation of pedagogical documentation in Early Years Mathematics. Marcia will guide participating teachers through the transformative power of documentation, emphasizing its role in fostering reflection that unveils implicit biases. Through this reflective process, educators will gain insights to enhance their teaching practices, ultimately working towards the overarching goals of equity and student success. Marcia's expertise promises to provide valuable tools and strategies that will empower educators to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment in the realm of Early Years Mathematics.


6. Field Trips to the Museum of Contemporary Art

Our Grade 1 and Grade 4/5 classes were exceptionally fortunate to experience a private a tour of MOCA's Dancing in the Light Exhibit, which "examines portraiture across a variety of mediums as a way of entering into a more nuanced consideration of contemporary Black life. Rethinking moments of stillness and vulnerability as instances of strength, the exhibition works against the flattened and commodified image of Blackness so often experienced within art history and popular visual culture".

Kenneth Montague, a JICS parent and collector of the exhibit, gave beautiful and moving insights into various pieces in the exhibit, providing students with an insiders view of the creative process behind building an art collection and the unique stories behind each artist and their work. Kenneth was an inspirational guide, sharing his experience, knowledge and passion with the children in such a meaningful and engaging manner. 

To learn more about Kenneth's Dancing in the Light Exhibit, click the link. Please enjoy some photos of our field trips below.


7. Visit from Inuk Author Sarabeth Holden

Inuk author Sarabeth Holden visited with JK and SK in library on Tuesday. She read two picture books, "Please Don't Change My Diaper" and "Benny the Bananasaurus Rex".  We learned 'anana' means mother, "ananatsiaq" means grandmother. Sarabeth also shared that is no word for "banana" in Inuktitut, because bananas don't grow in the Arctic! She also had the students brainstorm characters and activities which she used to create a story.

Sarabeth's books are published by Inhabit Media, which is Inuit-owned. They recently opened a beautiful bookstore you can visit at 612 Mount Pleasant. 


8. Upcoming February Events

Black History Month

Thur 1 – Skating at Bill Bolton Arena – Grades 4/5 and 6

Fr 2 – Steelpan workshop – Nursery to Grade 6

Thur 8 – Parent Ed: Lunch & Learn with Ellie 1:00-2:00: The Social Lives of Children: How to Support Your Child Through the Ups and Downs of Friendship

Fri 9 – Lunar New Year Celebration Day at JICS

Fri 9 – Skating at Bill Bolton Arena - SK

Wed 14 – Valentine’s Day

Thur 15 – Carnival Spice & Everything Nice Dance Group demonstration and dance workshop

Fri 16 – Mid-Term Holiday (School closed, Daycare open)

Mon 19 – Family Day Holiday (School & Daycare closed)

Fri 23 – Skating at Bill Bolton Arena - SK

Wed 28 – Pink Shirt Day/Anti Bullying Day





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