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JICS Student Art Photo Book for Sale!

It’s here!

JICS Student Art Photo Book for sale!

The collection of photographs of the artwork by the JICS students in collaboration with 2017-2018 Artist-in-Residence, Kelly Jazvac, has been published in a stunning new book and is available for sale to parents for $40. Please make cheque payable to JICS Parents’ Association (subject line: PHAF). Books can also be purchased here.

See the pictures to enjoy a peek inside the book with samples from last year’s JK students. A copy is available for viewing in the school reception area.

In November 2017, the children (JK- 6) brought in an object that they once really wanted, but no longer cared about. They came to school with a toy, a game, an article of clothing, sports equipment and with Kelly, they turned it an experimental art project.

Kelly talked with each child about their initial desire to have the object and what happened to make it less interesting (Did it break? Did it get boring? Did you outgrow it? Was it not what you hoped it would be?). From there they explored playful and creative ways to make the object interesting again, using their imagination and a range of art supplies. For context, Kelly introduced contemporary artists who have taken on this challenge as well. The final project was a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of the object. (Older children were involved in the photography process, and they learned about techniques to make an object look more desirable. In doing so, they explored and considered what happens behind the scenes when advertisers market a product.)

The art book includes 190 stunning high-resolution pages, with each child’s work honoured on an individual page. The book is divided into sections for each grade with a legend at the end listing the names of the artists.

Only a limited number have been printed. Book will be on sale at the JICS Book Night. $40 cheque (payable to JICS Parents’ Association, subject line PHAF) or cash only.

More information about PHAC (The Patrick Harvie Arts Fund)

In 1999, the Patrick Harvie Arts Fund (PHA Fund) was established by the Harvie family in memory of their son Patrick, a JICS alumni, to enhance the arts education and arts experiences for the students of the Lab School by involving professionals from the arts community. The fund is operated by the Jackman ICS Parents’ Association and it has supported school-wide events such as presentations by touring theatre groups, musicians, dancers and story-tellers, trips to local theatre productions and the Stratford Festival and our “Artist-in-Residence” program.

Artist-in-Residence Program:

• Clay Potter, Carolynn Bloomer (2009/10)

• Drummer, Kwasi Dunyo (2010/11)

• Soulpepper Theatre Company Workshops (2011/12)

• Photographer, Marina Dempster (2012/13)

• Story-teller, Dan Yashinsky (2013/14)

• Stratford Festival Production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (2014/15)

• Mural Painter, Christi Belcourt of the the Métis Nation & Story Teller, Isaac Murdoch from Serpent River First Nation; Singer, Dione Taylor (2015-2016)

• Visual Artist, Kelly Jazvac (2017-2018)

If you would like to make a donation to the fund, please make cheque payable to the Jackman ICS Parents’ Association and kindly submit at the front desk in reception. Tax receipts are issued for all donations.

Upcoming Dates to Note: ​​

Tuesday, December 4, 5:30-7:30pm: APHD Research Gala at JICS. Register

Wednesday, December 5, 7:00-9:00pm: The Kids We Lose: Dr. Ross Greene Documentary Screening and Q&A. Register

Wednesday, December 5 & Thursday, December 6: Book Fair at JICS

Thursday, December 6: Book Night – Pyjama Party

Monday, December 10, 5:00-7:00pm: OISE Winter Wonderland and Community Skate. Register

Friday, December 21: Holiday Sing in auditorium 9:00 AM. School closes at noon for winter holidays

Monday, January 7: Daycare and School opens for Winter Term

For more important dates, please refer to our School Calendar



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