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There is no bad weather, only wrong clothing!

Here at the JICS Lab School, we highly value outdoor play. We recognize that time spent playing outside is essential to children’s wellbeing and at the heart of healthy, full development. There is a growing body of research describing the positive effect of outdoor play on children’s physical and mental health, approach to learning, and enjoyment of school. The evidence for the considerable benefits of having long stretches of play time outside every day is compelling.

Given this, we take Lab School students outside in all types of weather, including rainy, snowy, and cold days. The sentiment, 'there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing', is actually a saying that comes from Norway, and the educators at the Lab School agree. We ask parents to assume that recess time will be spent outside everyday no matter what the weather forecast, and send children with the appropriate (and labelled) outdoor gear and footwear to ensure comfort. Younger children will be asked by teachers to wear the items they bring to school; older children will be encouraged by teachers to develop a sense of judgement about selecting appropriate clothing. Regardless, it is important that all children have the outdoor gear they might need waiting for them in their cubbies. Please be in touch with your child’s classroom teacher if you have questions about this. Children might also like to keep a change of clothing at school - and a pair of indoor shoes is essential. Occasionally, when weather conditions are quite severe, we will have an indoor recess, but these days will be rare. This will be determined by the staff at the start of each recess time. Our priority, however, will be to get children outside in the fresh air whenever possible, rain or shine. Thank you for your support.

All the best,


“Children who play outside every day, regardless of weather, display better motor coordination and concentration compared to those who do not.” – Natural Curiosity 2nd edition

“Kids who play outside in challenging weather are more positive, more creative, and more adaptable. They don’t let challenges stop them. They rise to challenges and find ways to carry on in spite of them.” - Earth Day Canada Article, Children that play outside in all weather grow up resilient.



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