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Daycare Registration 2017/18 Due July 4

This is a gentle reminder that registration for next year's Daycare is due on July 4.

Please see the original email below for details:

To the new JICS Families,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Daycare!

Please find attached the following documents with information about the Daycare programs and fees for the 2017-2018 school year:

• Program Information

• Fees Information 2017-2018

• Medication Administration

In order for us to properly staff the Daycare next year, we are asking that families indicate their intentions by registering now for next year. We are also asking that families confirm their intentions by providing a $250 deposit for each child that is registered either full-time or part-time in a Daycare program (whether this be Before School Care, After School Care or Nursery Care). This deposit will appear as a credit on your account. Should plans change and you decide not to use the Daycare after all, the deposit will be refunded.

It is kindly requested that deposits be submitted by July 4. These can be submitted by cash or cheque (ideally before the end of camp on June 16), or by email transfer to

Please complete the New Family Registration form at the following link: New Family Registration

Of course we appreciate that the 2017-18 school year is likely not top of mind at the moment and that your care plans and arrangements may change. We merely ask that, when making your selections now, you make your best estimation. Change to your registration are absolutely permitted.

Finally, if you child has medications or puffers that need to be administered by Daycare staff, please complete the attached Medication Administration form and submit on the first day of school.

Please note that the Daycare requires completed registration forms prior to the use of any Daycare services, including Flex care, PD Day Camps, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you register now even if you only intend to use the Daycare on an occasional basis.

We welcome your questions, concerns and comments. Emails can be sent to We are blessed to have such truly dedicated staff members, many of whom have worked at the Daycare for years. We are further thankful that the staff is supported by a board made up of committed parent volunteers. We strive to work together to ensure that our kids have the best possible experience.

We look forward to meeting you in September.



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