School Forms Online (SFO)
Registration Package

Our 2021/2022 School Registration Forms are now available online. 

We ask that all families complete their school forms online (SFO) by June 28, 2021.  


There are 2 components to the online forms:  

  1. School Forms Online (SFO) = all forms pertaining to registration

  2. Family Access Module (FAM). Once logged in, you can access the Family Access Module (FAM) by clicking it at the top of your screen. FAM allows you to update your information, access the staff & school directory, and view your child’s attendance (once published).


Please note:  You will notice 2 anaphylaxis forms.  

  • If your child does not have an anaphylaxis allergy, please only submit the “No Anaphylactic Allergies” form.  Please ignore the other form ("Anaphylaxis Medical Information”) as this does not pertain to your child. We will remove it from your child’s account once you submit the “No Anaphylactic Allergies” form.  In the meantime it will look as though you have an incomplete form. 

  • If your child does have an anaphylactic allergy, please complete and submit the "Anaphalyxsis Medical Information” form and ignore the “No Anaphylactic Allergies” form.

June Registration Forms on SFO:

  1. Family Emergency Contact

  2. Anaphylaxis Emergency Information

  3. No anaphalaxis form 

  4. Field Trip Permission Form

  5. Permission to leave at dismissal (Grades 4 to 6 only)

  6. Research Agreement Form

  7. Fees Information 

  8. Other Health Information Form

August Registration Forms on SFO:

  1. Parent Handbook Contract

  2. COVID-19 Screening Protocol

August Information on JICS Family Website:

  1. Daycare Registration Information

  2. Parent's Association Welcome Letter + Online Membership Information