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Welcome back, JICS Fall Newsletter, Re-enrolment, and more!

Topics covered in this post:

Nursery students share from the Family Book
Nursery students share from the Family Book

  1. Welcome Back and JICS Fall Edition Newsletter

  2. Re-enrolment for 2023-2024

  3. Staffing Update

  4. Lunar New Year

  5. New Dean of OISE

  6. Parent Education

  7. Before-School Daycare New Start Time

  8. JICS Skate Swap

  9. Used Christmas Trees

  10. Photos of the Week at JICS

  11. Upcoming January Events

  12. Upcoming February Events


1. Welcome Back and JICS Fall Edition Newsletter

It was beautiful to see the children back this week. They arrived excited, happy, and eager to reconnect with friends and teachers, filled with stories to share.

At JICS, when it comes to our partnership with parents, we feel the more information, the better! Hence, we provide weekly or biweekly teacher class-specific summary emails, Thursday's Parent Information Posts, individual report cards, parent-teacher interviews/meetings, etc.

The JICS Newsletter is an opportunity to "peek into" the rest of the school and learn about experiences you may not know about. We thank Krista for her work in publishing it! We designed it to be shared between parents and children. We strongly encourage you to review the stunning Newsletter with your child/ren. Use the password provided in the Parent Information Post email to access the Fall Newsletter.


2. Re-enrolment for 2023-2024

Re-enrolment information and forms were emailed on December 8 for the 2023-2024 school year. The form and the non-refundable $5000 deposit (payable to The University of Toronto) are due in the office by Wednesday, January 18, 2023. The University sets the deadline, and fills unclaimed spots beginning January 19. Please take the time to review the JICS values, philosophy, and mission before making your decision to re-enrol.


3. Staffing Update

The JICS Lab School has been enriched by teacher, Marcia Bumbury for four years. Seconded from the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), Marcia has been an exemplary JK teacher. She has shared her vast knowledge and experience with MA CSE teacher candidates, researchers, and Lab School faculty. This year marks the end of her secondment at the JICS Lab School. Marcia will return to the TDSB to share her JICS learnings and experiences, helping to fulfill our public purpose. We plan to maintain strong ties with Marcia and hope she will continue to be involved in our research and mentor future MA CSE teacher candidates.

Our mandate at the JICS Lab School is to provide an exemplary education to our students, and we know that our teachers are our greatest asset. JICS teachers are highly skilled and experienced and are experts in child development and pedagogy. Lab School teachers are a mix of University of Toronto employees and seconded teachers from various boards of education in Ontario. More information about secondments and staffing can be found in the Parent Handbook.