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Black History Month, Midterm Holiday, Parent Education, Photos, and More!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Topics covered in this post:

Students take a break on the bench during JICS free skate
Students take a break on the bench during JICS free skate

1. Black History Month

Yesterday was the start of Black History Month at JICS and in schools across the country. In the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing how we are honouring the legacy and achievements of Black Canadians, past and present. We are proud to be part of the University of Toronto and share its commitment to equity, diversity, and human rights.

CLICK HERE to read about the ways that UofT is celebrating the achievements of our Black community members and look at the work being done to dismantle barriers for Black students and staff.

CLICK HERE to read last week's Weekly Post and to learn about the school-wide events planned to celebrate African Heritage/Black History Month at JICS.


2. Statement on Anti-Black Racism

At JICS, we are intentional about creating and supporting a diverse community. While the brutal violence toward Tyre Nichols took place in the U.S., we know that Canada is not immune from the need for police reform and the problems of systemic racism. This latest example of violence destabilizes members of the JICS community and undermines trust. It underscores that the promised change that followed the protest of George Floyd's tragic death has not occurred. We at JICS grieve with the family of Tyre Nichols and with the Black community members of JICS.

We want to remind everyone of our commitment to anti-racism. We acknowledge the importance of proactively and re-actively addressing all forms of racism/discrimination with the children throughout the year. We know we are not perfect and need to listen deeply to the voices of our BIPOC students, parent community, and staff. We invite you to contact us about your experiences, thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. Our 2020 Commitment Statement on combatting anti-Black racism provides resources for parents.


3. Midterm Holiday

Friday, February 17 – Monday, February 20

The Lab School will be closed (Nursery to Grade 6) on Friday, February 17 and Monday, February 20 (Family Day). We wish everyone a well-earned mid-term holiday. The Daycare is open for registered users on Friday, February 17. Don't hesitate to contact Daycare Director Anne Marie for more information.


4. Crossing Guard

We are so fortunate to have Ally as our crossing guard at Walmer and Kendal. Please help to make arrival and departures safe by:

  1. Crossing only at the corners of the intersection of Walmer and Kendal (never diagonally)

  2. Parking your vehicle away from the corner, so as not to block Ally’s view.


5. Parent Education – Recording of Lunch and Learn

If you missed The Pursuit of Perfect: ​When Perfectionism Has a Hold on Your Child on January 31, you can view the recording here along with recordings and resources from previous parent education events.

In addition, a note from Ellie reflecting on the Lunch and Learn:

Dear Parents and JICS family, thanks very much to those who were able to attend the parent lunch and learn talk on perfectionism on Tuesday this week. As fate would have it, in a kind of beautiful way, I experienced technical difficulties. As I struggled to get my slides to work, I tried to use this moment to reflect on how we can model grace and compassion in the face of difficult, awkward times. I definitely felt frustrated and slightly embarrassed.

Chriss, Richard, and parents in the zoom meeting were gracious and supportive. At JICS we strive to be a community that is welcoming and supportive of one another when we experience difficulties, make mistakes or have struggles. We hold the belief we all, including the children, do well when we can.

We are maybe, almost, almost coming out of covid and sometimes it is not until something difficult, traumatic or stressful is over that we can fully comprehend the impact of covid on our children and families. I'm sure it will be generations before we understand all the ripple implications of these years of uncertainty, worry, restrictions, and isolation. As we move together as a community, it is my hope that we can continue to practice grace with one another. I was grateful for how it was shown to me.

- Ellie Lathrop

Link to lecture recording and slides > Click Here


6. Parent Education – Parent2Parent Conference 2023

Wednesday, February 15, 6:30pm at The Mabin School

Parent 2 Parent conference flyer

On Wednesday, February 15, 6:30pm, The Mabin School, UTS, and the JICS Lab School have partnered to present “Hold on Tight: One Mother’s Journey Parenting Two Exceptional Children” with Jan Stewart. Stewart will describe the rollercoaster journey from hope to terror, and back again, of raising two children with mental illnesses as the children go to school and grow up to be young adults with jobs. Stewart offers invaluable advice, from the voice of deep experience, to parents of children with mental illnesses. The keynote will take place at The Mabin School, 50 Popular Plains Road.


7. Photos of the Week at JICS


8. Upcoming February Events

Black History Month

Wed 1 – Skating Grades 1-3

Thur 2 – Skating Grades 4-6 Thur 9 – Joy Lapps interactive steel pan performance for students

Tues 14 – Valentine’s Day Tues 14 – French Play; 4/5B Wed 15 – French Play; 3 Thur 16 – French Play; 4/5Z

Wed 15 – Parent Education “Hold on Tight – One Mother’s Journey, Two Exceptional Children” The Mabin School (50 Popular Plains Rd.) 6:30-9:00pm RSVP here

Fri 17 – Mid-Term Holiday (School closed, Daycare open)

Mon 20 – Family Day Holiday (School & Daycare closed) Tues 21 – City Dance Corps workshop for students

Wed 22 – Pink Shirt Day (more info coming soon) Mon 27 – Capoeira workshop with Mestre Sérgio Xocolate & Suzanne Roberts Smith for students




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