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Archived Email Communications

Email Communications archived in this post:

  1. JICS Health and Safety Summary Poster

  2. Toronto Public Health Isolation Requirements - UPDATED

The JICS Health and Safety Summary Poster and the Toronto Public Health "What to do if your child has COVID-19 symptoms" Poster are also available under the "Documents" section of our website.


1. JICS Health and Safety Summary Poster

September 18, 2020

Dear Parents

In order to provide clarity, we have created a summary poster of some the daily requirements we have in place.  Please print and post in your home.

We thank you for the positive feedback we have received but we must be honest with you that no part of the new protocols are easy.  We count on your 100% support and understanding to maintain a safe learning environment for students and staff and their families.

We thank you also for reducing your social gatherings (including playdates) in adherence to the new Ministerial order but also for the sake of everyone in our community. 

All the best,


Please note: This poster was updated September 20, 2020 with new info from TPH

JICS Health and Safety Info Summary post
Download • 139KB

2. Toronto Public Health Isolation Requirements - UPDATED

September 20, 2020

Dear JICS Parents

Shanah Tovah!  Wishing us all a good and sweet year!

The Lab School follows the requirements of Toronto Public Health and TPH has

I would like to draw your attention specifically to two changes:

Children and JICS staff with a household member exhibiting a symptom of COVID-19, should now“monitor for symptoms for 14 days. They can go to school or work if they do not have symptoms and the child with symptoms has not tested positive for COVID-19. This includes while you are waiting for the test results. If the child has symptoms and was a close contact of someone who had COVID-19 then household members should stay home and self-isolate.”

Also, please note that if“your child has COVID-19 symptoms and did not have a COVID-19 test, they must stay home and self-isolate for 14 days from the day the symptoms started. Even if their symptoms get better sooner, they will need to stay home for 14 days. Household members will continue to self-monitor for 14 days. Household members can continue to attend school or work as long as they do not have any symptoms.”

Please print, read, and display the attached TPH poster which includes the information above.  We have updated the JICS Daily Parent Screening Form with this new information from TPH:

All the best,


POSTER TPH sept 18, 2020 What-to-do-if-y
Download • 53KB




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