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Parent Info Night and Important Dates

Topics covered in this post:

  1. Victoria Day – School Closed

  2. Parent Information Night

  3. Parent Education with JICS Social Worker

  4. Parents' Association Meeting

  5. JICS “Family Zoom-bilee”

  6. Letter from Music Team

  7. Grade 6 Graduation

  8. Video Messages for JICS Children from Admin Staff

  9. JICS’ Public Purpose – Inspiring Others

  10. School Calendar 2020-2021

  11. Upcoming May Events

  12. Upcoming June Events


1. Victoria Day - School Closed

The Lab School will be closed on Monday, May 18. No distance-education will be provided.


2. Parent Information Night

Thank you for your questions. The JICS leadership team is looking forward to providing information on the zoom call with all JICS parents this evening at 7:30. Check your email for the zoom link and password.


3. Parent Education with JICS Social Worker

Please RSVP here for this event. Information about the zoom link and password will be sent in email.


4. Parents Association Meeting

Date: Tuesday May 26 at 7pm

Please join the final PA Meeting of the 2019-2020 school year. Thanks to all current PA Executives for their support this year! Beginning in July, the PA will have 4 vacancies: Treasurer, Parent Education, Volunteer Coordinator and Communications. If you have an interest in any of these roles, please reach out to the PA at


5. JICS “Family Zoom-bilee”

A JICS community live-streamed end of year celebration event will take place on Thursday, June 4 at 7:00pm. Please mark your calendars. More details coming soon.


6. Letter from Music Team

Hi everyone,

This year, we are planning to end our school year with a Family Zoom-bilee which will be live-streamed on June 4 at 7 pm, so that we can sing together and join in at home. There will be lots of music, video greetings, dance clips, photos and many surprises. Here are just a few of the ways you can take part in this event:

One of the special things we want to do that night is show a music video of JICS children singing together (even though we need to be apart right now). We want to collect videos of you singing the same song and then edit it together to make ONE video to play on June 4. Here is our inspiration – a video made by Northlea Public School. (Thanks, JICS parent, Barbara Sandler, principal of Northlea.)

Students in all grades are invited to participate and family members are welcome to sing along with the students. We will email details of the song and how to participate very soon.

A second way for you to participate is by submitting a video of you dancing! Many of our students created a dance for Phys. Ed. with Nadia and shared a video. If you would like us to share your video on the evening of June 4, please resubmit your dance video or record a new one and upload it here:

If you do send us a dance video, don't be surprised if your music changes when we play it on June 4. We might edit a few dances together and add new music. But we definitely want your moves!!

Best wishes

Suzanne and Russell


7. Grade 6 Graduation

For the first time in JICS history, the Grade 6 Graduation will be live-streamed for the entire JICS student and family community to observe. Join us on Thursday, June 11, 1:30pm to celebrate the class of 2020! Details coming soon.


8. Video Messages for JICS Children from Admin Staff

Please share this video message with your child/ren from Nancy (School Office Administrator), Paige, (Receptionist), Tory (Administrative Assistant and in-house Supply Teacher), Chriss (Vice Principal) and Richard (Principal). Thanks, Tory for creating it!


9. JICS’ Public Purpose – Inspiring Others

Like many communities across Turtle Island and the world, staff and students at the Lab School were devastated that we could not be together this year and show appreciation for the Land that has connected us as a community. The JICS staff and students have been working intentionally on reclaiming the school's outdoor spaces in meaningful ways since the opening of the new building. This past Earth Day, JICS Vice Principal, Chriss Bogert was determined to deliver a video message that would help children and their families to feel a sense of connection to their second home. Her video was featured in “Making the Shift – A Newsletter by Natural Curiosity.”

SK Teacher, Carol Stephenson live streamed her “Math and Science Garden” in the Twitter Web Series: OISE Stay At Home Club. Carol explained the mathematical and critical thinking opportunities that arise when things start to grow and she shared easy ways for parents/educators to see nature at work inside our homes. The recording is available here.

JK Teacher, Marcia Bumbury, SK Teacher, Carol Stephenson and Principal, Richard Messina were featured in the OISE News article “Connecting during COVID-19: Jackman Lab School keeps their students on the learning curve.” The article highlights the Lab School’s unique approach to distance education (based on research in child development and child security and our expertise in inquiry-based learning) and offers tips for teachers.

We would like to thank Chriss, Carol, Marcia and Richard for holding true to the Lab School’s public purpose during the challenge of COVID-19.


10. School Calendar 2020-2021

Start date, end date and holiday information for 2020-2021 school year can be found here.


11. Long-Distance Photos!

Enjoy these photos of children engaging in learning at home. Keep them coming for future posts! Send photos to Tory:


12. Upcoming May Events

Thurs 14 – Parent Information Night 7:30pm – Zoom link in email

Mon 18 – Victoria Day. School closed

Thurs 21 – Parent Ed Webinar: Responsive Parenting During Stormy Times by JICS Social Worker, Ellie Lathrop. 7:00pm

Tues 26 – Parents’ Association Zoom Meeting. 7:00pm


13. Upcoming June Events

Tues 2 – Daycare Board Meeting

Thurs 4 – JICS “Family Zoom-bilee” A community live stream end of year celebration event. 7:00pm (formerly known as Music Night)

Thurs 11 – Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony live stream 1:30pm

Fri 12 – Last day of school

Tues 30 – Report Cards mailed home




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