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We have our new Phys Ed teacher!

I have great news – we have a new Physical Education Teacher. Nadia Dharsee will join the JICS staff in September 2019. Nadia has been a teacher for 17 years, 10 years as a Phys Ed teacher. She holds a major in Kinesiology and Health Sciences and her Bachelor of Education specialty is Physical and Health Education. The hiring committee found her to be a highly experienced, collaborative, and adaptable educator committed to providing a fun, safe, and caring learning environment. It was clear in my visit to her school that she is dedicated to inspiring students to build their potential and developing strong relationships with each individual student.

Nadia integrates the “Teaching Games for Understanding” model, an approach that encourages children to execute their level of skill in a non-threatening environment, with emphasis on cooperation, teamwork, and reflection. She has coached volleyball, basketball, cross-country, and track and field. She supported her school’s Yoga Club and Knitting Club and founded the Girls Active Club – a club designed to support and encourage physical activity for girls.

I want to thank the members of the hiring committee: Deepta Rayner, JICS Parents’ Association Vice President; Dr. Rhonda Martinussen, Director of JICS; Chriss Bogert, VP, Tara Rousseau, Art; Nick Song, Special Ed; Ben Peebles, Gr 6; and Michael Martins, Gr 5. I had the honour of chairing this committee.


Basketball fever has struck and many students, parents, and teachers will be watching tonight’s important game. Let’s Go, Raptors! Looking forward to celebrating with you all tomorrow!

All the best,


Richard Messina | Principal

Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education | University of Toronto

twitter: @JackmanICS | @richardmessina2 | @NaturlCuriosity

Upcoming Dates to Note:

June 11, 4pm – Teacher Appreciation Tea organized by the Parents’ Association (Thank you!)

June 13, 1:30pm - Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony and Reception

June 14 – Final day of school. School closes at noon.

June 17 – June 28 – Daycare “June Camp” Register here

For more important dates, please refer to our School Calendar



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