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Staffing Information Re New JK Teacher, New Crossing Guard and Happy Eid!

Junior Kindergarten

We are delighted to share a staffing update for September 2019. As usual, we received a strong list of applicants in response to our ad for a new Junior Kindergarten Teacher. Joining us in September will be Marcia Bumbury. Marcia is an exemplary and very experienced teacher who has worked in elementary school settings for close to 20 years. She has taught Full Day Kindergarten since 2013.

Marcia has a solid understanding of the Kindergarten Program and a beautiful approach with children. It was clear during our visit to her current class that through inquiry and play-based learning, her students are provided with rich learning opportunities that foster their natural curiosity and skill development. She values their experiences and provides them the time they each need to learn deeply. Her classroom is inclusive, culturally responsive, and filled with love for each individual.

Marcia also spent two days at JICS in the Nursery, JK, and SK classrooms. In our debrief, she commented on how articulate and happily engaged the JICS children are and she expressed her eagerness to work with our unique half-group and full-group structure, in a resource-rich environment with a collaborative group of teacher/researchers. Norah and Carol are excited that she is joining the Early Years Teaching Team and all the JICS teachers are looking forward to meeting her and learning with her.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the hiring committee members:

  • Beth Corcoran, PA President

  • Dr. Rhonda Martinussen, JICS Director

  • Chriss Bogert, VP

  • Norah L’Esperance, Nursery Teacher

  • Carol Stephenson, SK Teacher

  • Judith Kimel, Special Ed teacher

I chaired the committee. The committee members vetted the applications, created a short-list for interview, contacted references, interviewed the applicants, and observed in their current classrooms and invited them to JICS for observations. Thank you to the parents who emailed qualities and strengths for the new hire. We know that the JICS children and parents will be thrilled with our selection. We will host an opportunity for the Nursery families to meet Marcia in the last week of August (details coming soon).

Marcia is seconded from the Toronto District School Board. As a lab school with a public purpose, it is vital to our professional development that we learn with and from exemplary teachers from the public boards. We have a long and successful history of seconding teachers. These teachers bring their unique ideas, a diversity of experience, incredible skills, and best practises to JICS and they influence and inspire our development as a faculty. As you know, we are a very collaborative group of teachers – we meet weekly (sometimes even more frequently!) as a community of knowledge-builders who learn from each other and with each other.

The hiring of a new Physical Education Teacher is still in progress. We will announce the successful candidate as soon as possible.

At Jackman ICS, we know that our teachers are our greatest asset and thank you for your trust!

Crossing Guard

We were surprised and happy to notice that the hard work of the JICS PA to secure a crossing guard for the school has finally paid off. Today I introduced myself to our new crossing guard, Dillon and thanked him. I invite you to do the same when you see him. We have located him to the southeast corner of Walmer Rd and Kendal Ave so that children will only need to cross one street (Kendal). We ask that no vehicles be parked near that corner on Kendal so that he can safely help the children to cross. Dillon’s hours are 7:45 to 9:00am, 11:30-1:00pm, and 2:30-4:00pm. We shared Dillon’s name with all the children this morning so that they can greet him as well!

Eid Mubarak (Blessed Eid) Eid sa'id, Selamat Lebaran, Mutlu Bayramlar, Barka da Sallah (Happy Eid)

We want to wish the JICS Muslim Community a joyous celebration of Eid after the many weeks of fasting. Enjoy time and feasting(!) with your family and friends.

Here more about Eid:

As Muslims around the world bid Ramadan farewell, they also prepare for Eid al-Fitr, the festival marking the end of the Muslim holy month.

Depending on the sighting of the moon, Eid celebrations will begin either on Tuesday (June 4) or Wednesday (June 5).

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE started Eid on Tuesday, whereas Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan and Australia and others won't start till Wednesday.

What is Eid al-Fitr?

Eid al-Fitr means "festival of breaking the fast" and marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Traditionally, Eid is celebrated for three days as an official holiday in all Muslim-majority countries. However, the number of vacation days varies by country.

How is the start of Eid determined?

Like Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr begins with the first sighting of the new moon, so usually Muslims have to wait until the night before Eid to verify its date.

If the new moon is not visible, the month lasts 30 days.

Because it is a lunar occurrence, the date of Eid changes annually on the Gregorian calendar and varies from country to country depending on geographical location.

To declare the start of Eid, Muslim-majority countries depend on the testimonies of local moon sighters. The Judicial High Court then decides if Eid has arrived.

When the sighting has been verified, Eid is declared on televisions, radio stations and at mosques.

How do Muslims celebrate Eid?

Muslims across the world begin Eid celebrations by partaking in communal dawn prayers, followed by a short sermon.

While in some countries the prayers take place in mosques or large halls, in many countries it is also held in the open.

People congratulate one another as they head home after Eid prayers. They spend the day visiting relatives and neighbours and accepting sweets as they move around from house to house. Children, dressed in new clothes, are offered gifts and money to celebrate the joyous occasion.

This is preceded by the giving of alms to the poor, or zakat, which is one of the five pillars of Islam.

It is common for the capitals of Muslim-majority countries to decorate their streets with festive lights and hold carnivals to commemorate the end of the holy month.

Each country has traditional desserts and sweets that are prepared before Eid or on the morning of the first day. These foods range from special biscuits and bread to cakes and puddings.

On the first day of Eid al-Fitr, voluntary fasting is not allowed as Muslims are encouraged to feast and celebrate the completion of a month of worship and abstinence from food.

In some countries, families visit graveyards to offer their respects to family members who have departed.

“Walk In” Protest at JICS

What: Walk-In protest

When: Thursday, June 6, 8:15 – 8:45am

Where: JICS Lab School, on the sidewalk at the Spadina entrance (56 Spadina Rd)

Who: JICS community: parents with their children, teachers and staff

At 8:15 am tomorrow (Thursday, June 6), the JICS community is invited to take part in a “Walk-In”, a Toronto-wide action to peacefully protest cuts to education.

Our hope is that JICS parents and their children will join JICS teachers on the Spadina Road sidewalk until the start of the school day. We will enter the school at 8:45am for regular programming following the Walk-In.

All the best,


Richard Messina | Principal

Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education | University of Toronto

twitter: @JackmanICS | @richardmessina2 | @NaturlCuriosity

Upcoming Dates to Note:

June 6 8:15-8:45am – “Walk In” Protest Against Cuts to Education. Sidewalk at Spadina Entrance to school.

Friday, June 7, 1:30pm – NEW DATE for Games Day

June 11, 4pm – Teacher Appreciation Tea organized by the Parents’ Association (Thank you!)

June 13, 1:30pm - Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony and Reception

June 14 – Final day of school. School closes at noon.

June 17 – June 28 – Daycare “June Camp” Register here

For more important dates, please refer to our School Calendar

Today the gardening club got to harvest radishes and lettuce! We saw how oil and vinegar don't mix until you add mustard, and made a honey-mustard dressing to have with our veggies. Junior gardeners also made tea with freshly picked camomile.



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