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Dear Jackman ICS Parents and Guardians,

There is music in the air! Each class is practicing their songs for our annual Music Night, to be held Thursday, May 23 at 7:00pm. For the first time ever, we will be hosting Music Night in our very own gymnasium/auditorium – the J. Fraser Mustard Assembly Hall! Please come and enjoy an evening of music-making with the Jackman ICS children and their music teachers, Suzanne Schwenger and Russell Hersen.

Here is some information that may help you in planning:

  • We ask that all children arrive at the school at 6:45pm. Both the doors at 45 Walmer Road and 56 Spadina will open at this time.

  • The children are asked to wear dark pants, shorts, or skirt and a white top.

  • When children arrive, they are to go straight to their own classrooms, and family members proceed to the auditorium.

All JK to Grade 6 students are part of the presentations. Nursery children and families are welcome to attend as audience members.

Last year, teachers and parents noted that audience attention was focused and respectful as we have come to expect of our community. We have spoken to all the students about how they can support each other by listening, appreciating the challenge of performing, and enjoying every aspect of the show. May we ask that you help us by reminding your child/ren about audience manners as they enter the event? Many thanks!

The program is just over an hour in length and we ask that you stay for the entire show so that all performers can enjoy a full and attentive audience.

Children will sit with their teachers on the floor and parents and guests will be seated in the auditorium seats where the sound will be glorious and the view is perfect.

There will be a voluntary collection at the end of the evening to support the Patrick Harvie Arts Committee in further enriching our arts programs.

Music Night details at a glance:

  • Who: All students in JK – Grade 6 perform for parents/guardians, grannies & nannies, family friends. We invite Nursery children to attend in the audience with their parents.

  • What: An evening of music-making and choir performances by the Jackman ICS children and their music teachers

  • Feels like: Listening to a wonderful selection of diverse musical productions.

  • Where: At Jackman ICS, in the J. Fraser Mustard Assembly Hall (the gymnasium). Children sit with their classmates on the floor with teachers, while parents and guests sit in the auditorium seats.

  • When: Doors open and children are asked to arrive at 6:45pm. The show begins promptly at 7pm!

There is energy, talent, and tremendous learning in our music program... the children invite you to come and be part of it!

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, May 23rd at Music Night 2019!

All the best,


Please refer to our School Calendar for information about this and other school events.



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