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JICS Girls Basketball Team Victory

Friday, November 23rd was an exciting day for Jackman Jets Athletics! The JICS Girls Basketball Team participated in an all-day tournament organized by the Toronto District School Board at Nelson Mandela Park Public School. The tournament featured teams from Nelson Mandela Park, Winchester, Huron, Blake, and Jackman ICS.

In the first match up of the day, Jackman ICS played against Huron PS. It was a tough first game with teams very evenly matched. The JICS Jets had a fantastic start and were not hesitant to compete fiercely. In the second match versus Winchester PS, we came up against a physically taller team which forced us to rely on our hustle and determination. The Jets won those two games and moved on to the playoff match against Nelson Mandela Park PS. This game truly tested the Jets' grit as the opponents did everything they could to block our passes and shots. Everyone in the gym, (students, coaches, and parents) would agree that It was a fantastic game in which both teams competed intensely and truly showcased the focus and persistence of the players. And…all the hard work and early morning practices paid off at the tournament as the JICS Jets were fortunate enough to get their 3rd win and move on to the next round of TDSB playoffs!

Ben, Christel and I are extremely proud of the girls who competed on Friday including Grade 6's: Layla, Azra, Cici, Ellie, Mirabella, Annika, Noa, and Grade 5's: Nyla, Aliyah, Zara, Ghavriel, Lielle, and Nora. Each player did a fantastic job on the court, contributing to the team's success. We also want to recognized that our Grade 6's are amazing leaders and mentors to the Grade 5 girls who are on the team for the first time this year. A mention must also be made to Vanessa who has not been able to compete due to an injury but she has regularly come to practices to support them all.

Ben, Christel and I are excited to continue with our early morning practices and to see what is the next step for the JICS Jets Girls Basketball Team!

Michael Martins

Physical Education Teacher



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