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Resources for Learning at Home

Guidelines and Tips for the Use of JICS Devices at Home


The JICS Tech Team has created living documents to help families use JICS devices when at home, troubleshoot common tech issues and log in to commonly used programs. You will need the password provided by the school to access the main document. We will continue to update this page as common issues arise.

Activities for Healthy Children Required to Stay Home for a Short Period

Dear JICS Families,

We know that the ever-changing landscape of COVID and the resulting practices to ensure community safety to the best of our ability mean that sometimes students who feel healthy may be spending some time at home.  

We have collected resources, activities, videos and apps for parents to use with their child/ren while away from school.  It is recommended that parents review the various sites and choose what is a good fit for your child.  (The division categories below are suggestions, please feel free to choose activities beyond those in your child’s grade division.) The activities require parent set up and are not simply “one-click” for independent use by young children.  Be mindful that students do best with many movement breaks; please plan your child’s schedule for the day accordingly.  


For unwell children, we hope they are not engaging in online activities but getting plenty of helpful rest so that they can get better soon.


Students who are required to isolate at home due to COVID for an extended period of time (14 days) will be provided a blended model of instruction set up by the grade teachers and administration.


All the best for these challenging days, and we hope to see your child(ren) soon back in class!



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