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PA Meeting, Hot Dog Night Planning Meeting, Earth Day

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Topics covered in this post:

Writer's cafe in Grade 6
Writer's Cafe in Grade 6!

  1. JICS Parents' Association (PA) Meeting (April 26)

  2. Hot Dog Night Planning Meeting (April 28)

  3. Tuition Payment 2022-2023 School Year

  4. COVID-19 Update

  5. Happy Earth Day (April 22)

  6. Russell Sprout Online Record Release Party (April 26)

  7. Upcoming April Events

  8. Upcoming May Events


1. JICS Parents' Association (PA) Meeting

Tuesday, April 26 | 6:00pm

6:00 Join us for our final “All Parents” PA Council Meeting to learn about PA initiatives, Principals’ school report, PA budget and plans for the remainder of the year (including Hot Dog Night).

7:00 JICS Playground Design Presentation. PLANT Architects Inc will present the drawings of the new JICS playground which will begin construction immediately after the end of the school year.

PLANT Architect Inc design drawing for the new JICS playground
A sketch by PLANT Architect Inc. of the design for the new JICS playground


2. Hot Dog Night Planning Meeting

Thursday, April 28 | 7:00pm

We are fortunate to have Katie Pearson and Mark Hendricks as the co-chairs of the June 7 Hot Dog Night planning committee. The first meeting will take place on Thursday, April 28 at 7:00pm. RSVP here for zoom link. All parents in Grades 1, 2, 3 (and any in other grades) are asked to volunteer to plan and run this beloved community event. Please contact Katie to volunteer.


3. Tuition Payment 2022-2023 School Year

The second tuition payment was due yesterday, April 20, 2022. This payment to The University of Toronto is non-refundable and represents 50% of the tuition balance (JK-Gr 6 $10,948.50). Please contact Shama, school office administrator, if you have not submitted your cheque. The final tuition payment is due by September 1, 2022. All eligible JICS Lab School children must be fully vaccinated for the 2022-2023 school year and provide proof of vaccination.


4. COVID-19 Update

There have been 5 positive cases reported to the school since our last Parent Info POST (Thursday, April 14). Thank you for the vaccinations, the daily screenings, and for the weekly rapid testing – they are helping to keep in-person learning in place and our community safe.


5. Happy Earth Day

Friday, April 22

On this special day we are sharing the Thanksgiving Address, as told in the book: “Strong Stories Kanyen’keya:ka: The Thanksgiving Address” by Michelle Corneau, Kanyen’keya:ka (Mohawk). This book is available for purchase at the Native Canadian Center of Toronto Book Store, 16 Spadina Rd, or from GoodMinds publishing company, located at Six Nations.

The Thanksgiving Address is from the Haudenosaunee People.

This is a short version of a much longer address that can take hours or sometimes days to tell.

The Thanksgiving Address is used to begin important meetings or gatherings in the Longhouse.

We give thanks to our Mother the Earth. Thank you for gifting us all that we need to live.

We give thanks to the water. Thank you to the streams, rivers, oceans, and rain for gifting us fresh water to drink.

We give thanks to all the fish. Thank you for the food and nutrients and for keeping the waters clean.

We give thanks to all the sacred plants, above all sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and tobacco. Thank you for helping us to feel better.

We give thanks to the insects, thank you for your hard work and dedication to keeping the earth healthy.

We give thanks to all the food plants, especially corn, beans, and squash. Thank you for gifting us yummy things to eat.

We give thanks to all the fruit plants, above all the strawberry. Thank you for representing the unity of the Six Nations.

We give thanks to the trees, above all, the maple. Thank you for gifting us sweet sap in the spring.

We give thanks to all the animals. Thank you for gifting us food and clothing and teaching us many important lessons.

We give thanks to the birds. Thank you for sharing your beautiful songs throughout the seasons.

We give thanks to the winds. Thank you for blowing and keeping us cool in the summer.

We give thanks to Grandmother Moon and the stars, thanks for giving us light in the night-time.

We give thanks to our Elder Brother the Sun, thank you for the light that makes things grow and for keeping us warm.

We offer our thanks and greetings to the Creator. Thank you, Creator.


6. Russell Sprout Online Record Release Party

Tuesday, April 26 | 1:00pm

We are very fortunate to have Russell Hersen as the Grade 1-6 music teacher at the Lab School. As an award-winning professional musician (Folk Music Ontario Children’s Musician) and an educator trained theory, harmony and Dalcroze Eurythmics from RCM with a BFA in Music from York U, Russell brings a passion for music and a wealth of knowledge to the program. We take great pride in announcing the release of his newest recording “Together.” Russell is known professionally as “Russell Sprout” and on Tuesday, April 26 at 1:00pm the JICS children (SK to Grade 4) along with 1000 students from 30 schools will take part in the online record release “party.” The performance will include a live band featuring John Showman on fiddle, and Juno winning, Grammy-nominated Ken Whiteley playing a variety of cool instruments. Other special guests, the Furries, will help with all the actions and dancing. The concert includes songs about kindness, mental and physical health, and about Canada. Parents are welcome to attend: (click on the button at the top "Click for live stream"). The music for this performance is funded by the Recording Industries Music Performance Trust Fund in cooperation with Local 149, Toronto, Canadian Federation of Musicians.

More info:

BRAVO, Russell!


7. Upcoming April Events

Ramadan (until May 1)

Passover (until April 23)

Fri 22 – Earth Day

Fri 22 – Orthodox Good Friday

Sun 24 – Orthodox Easter

Tues 26 – 1:00pm Russell Sprout Online Record Release Party

Tues 26 – PA Council “All Parents” Meeting (6:00 pm). New JICS Playground Design share (7:00pm). | RSVP

Thurs 29 – Hot Dog Night Planning Committee Meeting. 7:00pm | RSVP


8. Upcoming May Events

Tues 3 – Eid-al-Fitr (begins at sunset on May 2)

Tues 3 – Meeting for Parents of BIPOC Children. 7:00-8:30pm | RSVP

Mon 23 – Victoria Day Holiday. School and daycare closed.



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