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Messages from the PA, Library, & Grade 4/5, Re-enrolment Info, JICS PD & Dissemination, and a Video

Topics covered in this post:

  1. Message from JICS Parents’ Association

  2. Message from Teacher-Librarian, Krista

  3. Message from Zoe’s Grade 4/5 Class

  4. Re-enrolment for 2023-2024

  5. Health and Safety; Updated Provincial Screening

  6. Festivals of Lights – JICS Holiday Sing-along

  7. Yaldā Night

  8. Hot Lunch Program

  9. Teacher Professional Development

  10. Serving our Public Purpose; JICS Dissemination

  11. Video of the Week at JICS: “The Best Part of JICS” by the Fall Interns

  12. Photos of the Week

  13. Upcoming December Events

  14. Upcoming January Events


1. Message from JICS Parents’ Association

Dear JICS Parents,

Thank you very much for your generous support for the PA so far this year. With your contributions to date, we are well on our way (88%) to our goal of $23,800. If you have not yet contributed and would like to do so, please CLICK HERE.

Infographic for Corporate Giving Campaign

These funds are critical to supporting important community initiatives, such as recent parent education events as well as social events (including the upcoming Grade 6 graduation!).

If your employer has a corporate giving program, you can also contribute using the information in the poster. Any funds above $5600 will be contributed to JICS Tuition Support.

Happy holidays to all,

The Parents’ Association


2. Message from Teacher-Librarian, Krista