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Enriching the Arts, What is a Quality Education?, Research Night, Daycare PD Day

Topics covered in this post: What is quality education? Research Night – Feb 11 Enriching the Arts Midterm Holiday - Daycare Upcoming February Events 1. What is a Quality Education? How do we define the meaning of a quality education? Commenting on education reform in a back-to-school issue of the New York Times Magazine, historian Diane Ravitch stated, “The single biggest problem in education is that no one agrees on why we educate. Faced with this lack of consensus, policy makers define good education as higher test scores.” The definition of a “quality education” matters because it defines what we give time to and what becomes a priority in the life of the classroom. It shapes our expecta

Lunar New Year, Skating, Parent Dance, Nursery Applicants, Kiss & Ride, Winter Clothing

Topics covered in this post: Lunar New Year Kiss and Ride - ticketing Skating Time! Message from PA President Nursery Applicants Outdoor Play & Winter Weather Upcoming January Events Upcoming February Events 1. Lunar New Year At New Year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days. At JICS, we look forward to celebrating this special time of year next week. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered. 2. Kiss and Ride – Ticketing JICS drop-off and pick-up still unfortunately has vehicles blocking the driveways of neighbours. The Toronto Police were here today to let us know that they will be ticketing offenders. 3. Skating

Parent Dance, School Closures, Public School Strikes, Re-enrollment, Black History Month

Topics covered in this post: Parent Dance – Fri Feb 21 How to Know if the Lab School is Open in Inclement Weather One-Day Strike at Public Schools Re-enrollment reminder Black History Month Upcoming January Events Upcoming February Event 1. Parent Dance – Friday, February 21, 8:00-12:00 The theme is “90s Throwback” and the venue is now the home of JICS parents, Ramona and Vik, on Howland Ave. (Thank you!) Dance “old school”, nibble on delicious snacks, enjoy the open bar, and receive a $35 tax receipt for $70/person ticket. There will surprises and prizes too! More details coming soon but only a limited amount of tickets to the dance will be sold. Purchase tickets here. The funds from this e

Re-enrolment, Parent Dance, Lunar New Year, Newsletter

Topics covered in this post: Welcome Back Re-enrollment for 2020-2021 Parent volunteers for Parent Dance Patrick Harvie Arts Fund Hold the date: Feb 21 Lunar New Year - call for volunteers JICS Fall Edition Newsletter Parent Ed Events in February Upcoming January Events 1. Welcome Back It is so wonderful to be back together as a community after some holiday time. The Grade 3 and Grade 4 children, along with teachers Michael, Robin, Judith, Krista, Tory and 3 interns are snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and tubing at Camp Tawingo, Huntsville until Friday! JICS students playing in the pine tree fort on the yard at recess. Cooperative games at Camp Tawingo. See more photos below! 2. Re-enro



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