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JICS Spring Newsletter, School Forms & Summer Communication, Class of 2022, Volunteer Gardeners

children working on an art display collaboratively

Topics covered in this post:


1. School Forms & Summer Communication

Today you will receive an email from the school office requiring each family to complete the 2022-2023 School Forms Online. We ask that you complete the forms by June 30th so that Shama can share the important information with your child’s teacher. Late summer, an email will be sent to all families with information from the Parents’ Association, Wednesday Afternoon Program, the hot lunch provider, and additional SFO forms and school information. Each classroom teacher will also write to you for an update on your child before the start of the school year. Please don't hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions at all.


2. The JICS Lab School Spring Term Newsletter

Welcome to our Spring JICS Lab School Newsletter! To view, please use the password provided in the email from the school.


3. The Class of 2022

The graduation profiles of the class of 2022 are included in the Spring Newsletter for you to view. We want to thank this incredible group of student leaders for an amazing year full of deep and joyful learning together and wish them all the best in their new schools next year.


4. COVID-19 Update

We thank each family for your continued support of our Covid protocols by screening your child each day and testing regularly each week. There has been 1 positive case reported to the school since our last Parent Info POST (Thursday, June 16). If your child is attending the ICS Daycare June Camp, please continue to indicate in the JICS Daily Screening that the most recent (Wed/Sun) rapid test has been completed, and inform the Daycare Office of any positive results.


5. The Lost and Found is Overflowing!

Many lost items still remain in the school! Parents are welcome to come in and claim these items next week, Monday to Friday between 9am to 3pm.


6. Volunteers Needed to Water & Harvest the Children's Container Garden

At JICS, the students have planted a variety of plants in raised planters. If your family is available to help us with watering over the summer, please contact our Teacher Librarian Krista Spence with your availability. We welcome any help, whether it be a consistent day per week, or various days throughout the summer. Ideally they would be watered a few times each week. It will work as a community garden - your family is more than welcome to harvest any of the herbs and vegetables that come to peak freshness during this time!


Have a wonderful summer!


7. Upcoming June Events

Canada's National Indigenous History Month & World Pride Month

Mon 20 - Thurs 30 - Daycare Summer Camp

Mysterious structure spotted in the multi-purpose room!



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