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Announcement of the Appointment of JICS Lab School Principal Richard Messina

Dear JICS community, I am extremely pleased to report that Mr. Richard Messina has been appointed to a second five-year term as Principal of the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School, from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2026. This appointment follows the recommendation of a Special Advisory Committee chaired by JICS Director Rhonda Martinussen, and I would like to thank the members of that committee, as well as the many parents, teachers, faculty and staff who provided input, for their important contributions. Richard has been with the Lab School since 1999, initially as a grade 4-6 teacher, researcher, and mentor to MA-CSE students, before becoming Vice Principal in 2008 and Principal in 2015. Early in Richard’s tenure as Principal, the Lab School won the 2016 Outstanding Laboratory School Award from the International Association of Laboratory Schools. This prestigious recognition of the Lab School’s innovative and integrated approach to applying the latest research evidence to leading edge teaching and learning is also a reflection of Richard’s dedicated leadership and the partnerships he has fostered and maintained among and between students, teachers, parents and world-class researchers. Richard has consistently demonstrated his commitment to the safety, diversity and success of the Lab School’s students and teachers. During construction of the innovative new JICS facility in 2016-18, Richard was heavily involved in ensuring the health and safety of students and teachers and a safe transition to the renovated, expanded space. During the recent and ongoing pandemic, Richard developed policies and procedures needed to support hybrid, online, and in person learning for the children, created a Parent Handbook for COVID-19 safety, and set up a process for families in line with the latest public health advice. Richard has also been working diligently to improve the equity, diversity and inclusion of the Lab School, creating a more welcoming and inclusive educational environment for Lab School families and teachers. He has strongly supported the incorporation of Indigenous teachings and perspectives into the Lab School and its curriculum. Students under Richard’s principalship have reported high levels of engagement and wellbeing. Richard has also been highly supportive of teacher development, instituting a number of professional development initiatives and encouraging teachers to collaborate in research projects with Child Study and Education faculty. I am very confident that the Lab School will continue to thrive under Richard’s caring and progressive leadership. Please join me in congratulating Richard on his well-deserved reappointment as Principal! Glen A. Jones, Ph.D. Professor and Dean


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