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Ramadan, Second Tuition Payment Due, Daycare Video, Message from Chriss, Tips for Children, Toronto

Topics covered in this post:

  1. Ramadan & Easter Greetings

  2. Second Tuition Payment

  3. Greetings from Daycare Staff

  4. Chriss’ Earth Day Message

  5. Tips for Children

  6. Toronto Public Library

  7. JICS Has Got Talent

  8. JICS Getty Museum Art Challenge

  9. Long-Distance Photos

  10. Upcoming April Events

  11. Upcoming May Events


1. Greetings

Ramadan Mubarak! All the blessings for this holy month for those in our beautifully diverse community who observe Ramadan. May this Ramadan be filled with joy, health, and wealth. Ramadan begins tonight for Muslims worldwide.

Wishing a happy and blessed Easter (April 19) to the Orthodox Christians in our community! We hope you find ways to enjoy this special time.


2. Second Tuition Payment for 2020-2021

The second non-refundable payment representing 50% of the balance is due April 30, 2020.

Please mail cheque payable to University of Toronto to:

JICS Lab School

45 Walmer Rd

Toronto, Ont.

M5R 2X2

Attention: Nancy Boudreau


3. Greetings from Daycare Staff

Hello JICS Families:

Our Daycare team may be at home but know we are thinking about our beloved school and daycare and all of your children. We are missing your children tremendously and very much looking forward to seeing them again, sharing laughs, telling stories, giving hugs, and just seeing those great big smiles again.

The staff wanted to reach out to the children somehow, so we hope this video may bring some comfort in seeing a familiar face, and knowing that teachers too are stuck at home, some in the company of their kids, or parents, or even pets. We hope you will share this video with your child(ren).

Very much looking forward to seeing you all again and wishing all you safety and health.


Anne Marie

Daycare Supervisor


4. An Earth Day Visit to the School and Revisioning the Playground

As you may know, the JICS staff and students have been working on reclaiming the schools’ outdoor spaces in meaningful ways, since the opening of the new building. We wanted to include diverse cultural and ecological perspectives and to reflect the collective vision of our children, educators, and families. The playground is the last outdoor space at JICS to be transformed. We were waiting until the inside renovations were completed before we started this project. This year we have been working with the OPAL program to bring loose parts to our yard, but it’s time to start thinking about making plans for how to redesign the physical space. The teachers have many ideas, but now we want to hear from the children.

We are inviting all JICS children to dream about redesigning our playground!

Please watch this video first:

And then answer these questions:

As we think about redesigning the JICS school playground, what do you want it to look like?

What is most important for you during recess?

How do you want to spend your time outside on our yard?

What would be in your ideal playground at school?

Ideas can be shared by writing them, drawing a picture, sketching a diagram, or talking about your wishes for the playground in a video.

Primary and Junior students will be invited to share their work in Seesaw and Teams.

Thank you and Happy Earth Week!


5. Tips for Supporting Children

Recent news events about the mass shooting in Nova Scotia may cause a heightened sense of insecurity and anxiety in children. The goal of parents and the school is to restore the children’s sense of safety and security and increase their sense of power and control, especially during this period of isolation and remote learning. Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families in this time of grief.

During this time of remote-learning, the JICS teachers are intentionally not designing opportunities for current-events discussions. The nature of distance-education makes it too difficult for teachers to be vigilant for signs of fear and stress as they communicate online. Our social worker, Ellie ( is available to provide counselling and guidance as needed.

At this time it is possible that your child will require more attention and reassurance from you. It is not unusual for children to display a regression in their behaviour in these upsetting circumstances. For example, you may observe a fear of separation, a fear of darkness, a change in eating habits, sleeping problems, or physical complaints such as stomach discomfort. Your child or youth may also have some unresolved feelings that they would like to discuss with you. You can help your child by listening carefully, spending more time together, not overreacting, accepting their feelings and answering questions as simply and honestly as you can.

The best approach is to shield your child from the news. For older children or for those who have knowledge of the tragedy, please watch for any signs which indicate that your child may need additional assistance in dealing with this frightening information. If you have concerns, please contact your child’s teacher and/or our social worker, Ellie so counseling can be offered as soon as possible.


6. Exciting News from Toronto Public Library

For parents who have book worms at home it is helpful to know that if you have a Toronto Public Library card you can access an incredible wealth of online books and magazines through the Toronto Public Library.

Toronto Public Library is pleased to announce the launch of an Instant Digital Card, which gives Torontonians who do not already have a library card, free, temporary access to OverDrive, TPL’s largest collection of ebooks and eaudiobooks.


7. JICS Has Got Talent


8. JICS Getty Museum Art Challenge

Last week, Art teacher, Tara shared the Getty Museum Challenge with the Grade 4-6 students at JICS (view Tara's video here). The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has challenged people to re-create famous paintings from their collection with whatever they have at home.

Here are some of our students' amazing creations:


9. Long-Distance Photos!

Enjoy these photos of children engaging in learning at home. Keep them coming for future posts! Send photos to Tory:


10. Upcoming April Events

Mon 20 - Fri 24 – Earth Week

Thurs 30 – 2nd tuition payment due (50% of balance). Cheque payable to University of Toronto (3rd payment due September 9th). Mail to:

JICS Lab School

45 Walmer Rd

Toronto, Ont.

M5R 2X2

Attention: Nancy Boudreau


11. Upcoming May Events

Thurs 8 – Cindy Halewood Memorial – postponed (new date TBD)

Mon 18 – Victoria Day. School holiday

Thurs 21 – Music Night – postponed (new date TBD)

Tues 26 – Hot Dog Night (TBD)




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