Running Club – Cross Country Team

Dear Jackman ICS Families,


It is the beginning of another school year and we are pleased to invite all students from Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 to join the 2019 Fall Cross Country Running Club.  It is through participation with the Jackman ICS Running Club that we hope each student will have the opportunity to engage regularly in physical activity and come to value the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.


Dates and Times

The Running Club is scheduled to meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning beginning on Wednesday, September 11th and ending in mid-October.  The Running Club will begin practices at 8:00am in the school yard at Jackman ICS.  Following warm up, students will leave the school yard at 8:05am, and practices will continue at Jean Sibelius Park, until 8:30am.   Due to safety concerns, please ensure students arrive to Jackman ICS promptly at 8:00am and not be dropped off at Jean Sibelius Park because attendance will already have been taken. 


Clothing and Shoes

All students should come dressed appropriately for the weather and wearing comfortable running shoes.  We require that a separate pair of running shoes be dedicated to outdoor play (including participation in the Running Club – Cross Country Team).  We find that mud/dirt is brought into the indoor learning spaces, creating unsanitary and dangerous (slippery) classrooms.  Thank you for your understanding.


Practice Cancellations

Practices are weather permitting and are considered cancelled on very rainy days. 


Competitive Meets

Runners will also have the opportunity to participate in Cross Country events with TDSB schools.  Our first meet with TDSB schools will take place at Ashbridge’s Bay, date to be determined.  (Typically for meets, we depart Jackman ICS at 9:15am by school bus and return by 3:00pm.)  Our second meet, the “Fun Run” with only JICS students, will be held at Christie Pits Park.  Permission forms with dates and details will be sent closer to the times of the events.


Optional JICS “JETS” T-shirts For Sale

Team T-shirts are available for $10.  Please indicate if your child would like a T-shirt and the size on the permission form.

Jackman ICS Sport Club Student-Athlete Agreement


At the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Lab School, students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular sport as a part of living a healthy and balanced life, as well as develop in different social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills.  Through engaging in extra-curricular sports, students will have opportunities to learn about healthy participation, commitment, sports-manners, and hard work.  Participation in extra-curricular sport is a choice to be made by students, parents, and coaches together.


In making the decision to join each Jackman ICS Sport Club, student-athletes agree to:

  • participate fully by trying their best in practices and games

  • show consideration for teammates and coaches by doing such things as:

    • coming to practices and games on-time and prepared to participate (or letting coaches know of a planned absence)

    • listening to one another

    • accepting and offering feedback in a positive way

    • supporting one another

    • participate in all practices, meets, and competitions (or letting coaches know of a planned absence)

  • compete in a fair and respectful manner

  • represent Jackman ICS Sport Clubs in a positive, respectful, and responsible way at practices, in games, and throughout the school day


Students, parents, teachers, and coaches will work together to achieve the expectations and aims outlined in the Jackman ICS Student-Athlete Agreement.  If students are found to not be participating fully or not meeting any of the above expectations, parents will be notified, and students will be withdrawn from the extra-curricular activity.

Thank you for your support!


Judith Kimel (judith.kimel@utoronto.ca)

Nick Song (n.song@mail.utoronto.ca)

Nadia Dharsee (nadia.dharsee@utoronto.ca)

After reading ALL of the above information with your child, please print, complete and submit the form below to your child’s classroom teacher by Tuesday, September 10, 2019