Nominations for the Dean's JICS Lab School Advisory Board


The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study (JICS) Laboratory School Advisory Board is intended to provide advice to the Dean on the mission of, and policies affecting the Laboratory School. These policies pertain to all aspects of the School’s operation, including those concerning programs, admissions, code of behavior, financial arrangements, relationships with alumni and external constituencies, and relationship to the University of Toronto. In relation to the Master of Arts in Child Study and Education (MA-CSE) program, the Board will advise on the key role of the Lab School especially related to placement opportunities, professional development and research activities for student teachers in the School. The Board will assist in giving voice to perspectives of stakeholders in the School and JICS and by communicating and advocating regarding those perspectives in dealing with the Dean. 

Nominee Information
Reason for Nomination

Please include a complete statement of reasons for the nomination including, for example, any previous engagement with the School or the University of Toronto community, what particular skills and expertise does the nominee have that would suit this role (e.g. finance, fundraising, advocacy, experience serving in similar capacity, etc.), and any additional information you feel is pertinent to the nominee’s review and candidacy. 

Nominator Information (if not self-nomination):

Note: Parent, alumni and teacher members will serve for a two- or three-year term and student members for a one-year term.

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