ICS After School Daycare
Frequently Asked Questions


Tell me about the Daycare staff. Are all staff Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE)?

Daycare staff have completed either Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma or specialty training in Recreational Leadership. We are proud that our staff have worked with our program between 7 and 20+ years. There is always a Registered ECE on site during Daycare hours.

The Daycare Supervisor is Anne Marie Bartoli. Our Daycare team is Chris Holdip, Silvana Clavero, Luis Alves, and Kenisha Peters.

Are Daycare staff employees of the University of Toronto?

​​​​​All staff are employees of ICS After School Daycare at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Studies. The Daycare is a member of Umbrella Central Day Care Services, a non-profit childcare association which helps guide Toronto daycare centres with fees and salaries. Staff salaries are in line with other Toronto daycare centres and staff experience. With the exception of the Daycare Supervisor, all staff are all Part-Time employees of the Daycare.

Can we ask a staff person we like to babysit for our family outside of school hours or in the summer?

As much as we know children and families get attached to specific staff persons, we kindly request that current JICS families do not request childcare/babysitting from our staff outside of school hours


I find the cost of Daycare for my Nursery child to be expensive when compared to our previous childcare costs elsewhere. Why is this program so costly?

The Daycare income is derived from regular program fees (Full and Part-Time Daycare use), Creative Play fees and Camp and PD Day fees. Daycare expenses comprise of:

  • Staff Salaries and Benefits (includes supply staff, vacation pay, health plan costs, CPP/EI contributions)
  • Program Costs (program supplies, toys/equipment, snack costs, kitchen supplies, additional instruction costs)
  • Administrative Costs (accounting and bookkeeping, office supplies, staff development, insurance)
  • The Daycare is a non-profit corporation and profits are reinvested in the Daycare.
Financial statements are regularly reviewed by the Daycare Board of Directors. All parents are encouraged and invited to attend the Daycare Annual General Meeting in November where Daycare financials are presented and reviewed.

Since the Daycare is a not-for-profit corporation, how are profits used?

The Daycare Board of Directors meets regularly and reviews financial statements. The Board aims to operate a financially responsible corporation. The Daycare Board is required to maintain a three month surplus to cover expenses in unforeseen circumstances and as needed. The Daycare Board aims to keep fees as low as possible to cover expenses.

Does the Daycare pay rent for the space at JICS?

No, the Daycare does not pay rent to use the space at JICS. The Daycare has a long-standing agreement with the school to provide additional childcare for JICS families. The Daycare does contribute to the cost of upgrades to the space when required. The Daycare also purchases supplies, equipment, toys, books, and games that are used during its programs.

Why isn’t lunch included in this Daycare program? Our previous Daycare always included lunch.

It was only in 2015-2016 that a catered lunch program (Real Food for Real Kids) was introduced at JICS. Unfortunately, our school does not have the facilities, staffing, and volume to have an onsite cafeteria. A hot lunch provider has been selected by the school to offer hot lunch at JICS, and your family is welcome to register with them. Our program does include an afternoon snack.

What kind of snack do you provide in the after school program?

We provide a nutritious, nut-free snack each day. This might include fruit or vegetables, sandwich, crackers and cheese, yogurt, or cereal. Occasionally, our staff and children work together to “cook” a snack, such as crepes or grilled cheese sandwiches. We always have something in the cupboard to accommodate a child who just doesn’t like our snack that day.

Daycare Board of Directors

I didn’t realize there was a Board of Directors for the Daycare. What is its role?

The Daycare is a non-profit corporation operated by a Board of Directors and a Daycare Supervisor. The Daycare Board is responsible for the smoothing running of the Daycare. The Board is responsible for the managing of finances, regulating the fee structure, implementing policy, and providing direction for the future goals of the Daycare. The Daycare Board meets monthly. Decisions governing the day-to-day operations and programming of the Daycare are made by the Daycare Supervisor.

Who are the members of the Daycare Board?

The Daycare Board is made up of parent volunteers whose children represent the spectrum of JICS grades. We welcome new volunteers; please connect with the Daycare Supervisor if you are interested. Current Daycare Board members are Michelle Pearce, Paul Miskew, Janina Shuster, Anne Cassidy (external member and former JICS teacher), JICS Principal Richard Messina and Daycare Supervisor Anne Marie Bartoli. Past president of the Daycare Board is Nicos Fassler.

How can I learn more about the Daycare operations?

Each November the Daycare hosts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Dinner. All parents are encouraged and welcome to attend. At the AGM, the Daycare Board and Daycare Supervisor present an overview of the program and financial statements. Your questions and discussion are welcome.

Can I join the Daycare Board?

If you are interested in joining the Daycare Board of Directors, please speak to the Daycare Supervisor. The Board meets one evening a month, with some contact via email as needed.

Daily Schedule and Activities

For Nursery children, how does Daycare programming tie into the JICS Nursery curriculum and philosophy?

The Daycare offers a seamless transition from the morning Nursery program. Transitions are further aided as Nursery teacher Kenisha Peters continues with the children in the Daycare program after 11:45am. Kenisha is joined by Daycare staff Silvana Clavero and Chris Holdip. Nursery teachers share information with Daycare staff to ensure that each child is supported where required. The Daycare is a play-based program that aims to engage children in diverse, developmentally appropriate and creative activities in the afternoon. Nursery children have lunch with their peers, rest or nap during quiet time, then participate in the activities of their choosing (set up by Daycare staff) and have snack. Some children are picked up by caregivers at 3:30pm. Those who remain in After School Care (3:30-6:00pm) will be joined by JK and SK children, and will participate in unstructured, free play both indoors and outdoors, or choose to engage in a variety of creative activities, or play with developmentally appropriate toys or games. The Daycare is licensed by the Ministry of Education under The Child Care and Early Years Act (formerly the Day Nurseries Act) and follows all guidelines according to the Act.

How does Daycare after school programming tie into the JICS curriculum and philosophy?

The Daycare follows a play-based learning model. Daycare staff program according to children’s interests. Daycare staff meeting monthly to discuss new ideas and develop programming. The Daycare Supervisor attends weekly JICS staff meetings to share ideas and information, support learning, and stay informed of school updates. This supports open communication between the school and Daycare. Daycare activities are set up by staff, but children are free to choose where they spend their time. Outdoor free play is incorporated into each day; structured and unstructured sport and games are offered inside and outdoors.

Since JICS is a Laboratory School which actively participates in research and education, is this also carried over to the Daycare?

Currently research is only conducted during regular school hours under supervision of JICS staff and with consent from parents.

My Nursery child requires full-day childcare. Which staff provide Daycare for Nursery children after 11:45am?

The Daycare is fortunate to share some staff with the JICS Nursery program. Kenisha Peters works with our Daycare program most afternoons which ensures a smooth transition for Nursery children. She is supported by Chris Holdip and Silvana Clavero, as well as the Daycare Supervisor.

Is the Daycare a placement setting for student teachers (ECE)?

On occasion the Daycare has had placement students from Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs from community colleges, which has been as asset to our program and beneficial to the children.

What is the schedule for Nursery children in Daycare after 11:45am?

11:45am - 12:15pm: Washroom routine, preparation for lunch 12:15pm - 12:45pm: Lunch, followed by washroom routine 12:45pm – 1:45pm: Story time, followed up rest or nap (on mats); staff assist children as required 1:45pm – 2:30pm: Quiet activities (puzzles, books, table activities), children waking from nap 2:30pm – 3:00pm: Washroom routine, snack 3:00pm - 3:30pm: Caregivers pick up some Nursery children; JK and SK children join Daycare program at 3:30pm 3:30pm – 6:00pm: Indoor and outdoor activities, free play

My child doesn’t nap any longer. What will my child be doing while children sleep?

We promote rest and quiet time for the Nursery age children who are in the Daycare. Our staff attend to children who need support to rest or fall asleep. Children who do not nap, are able to participate in quiet activities such as looking at books during the rest period. Research indicates young children need periods of restful, quiet activity during the day for growth and rejuvenation, which supports learning and self-regulation.

What do children do in the after school Daycare program? Is there a schedule?

Children join the after school Daycare program at 3:30pm. Following snack, children engage in free play both indoors and outdoors, or can choose to take advantage of various activities (art and crafts, games) that have been set up by Daycare staff. This time is unstructured time for the children to play, spend time with friends, read and unwind. Children are free to transition between activities and spaces at their leisure. Children are always supervised by Daycare staff when indoors and outdoors.

Are there any specialized activities available in after school Daycare?

The Daycare Supervisor will notify parents about any available programs via Sandbox and/or flyers posted in the Daycare. Specialty programs are offered by outside providers and an additional cost will apply.

I’d like my child to be involved in extra-curricular activities or studies after school. Many other schools have extra-curricular programs available. Why aren’t these available at our school?

Mostly importantly, we value unstructured, child-centred play. The school day is a busy, scheduled day and children benefit from unstructured play time to unwind, play with friends and to engage with different age groups in free play. Daycare staff always have various activities set up indoors and outdoors (such as art or crafts, games, table activities or sports) that children may choose to engage in as they please. Children are always supervised by staff. Occasionally in the past we have offered specialty activities at a cost. Unfortunately, these have been costly to run due to fees for outside providers and the need for supervision by Daycare staff. We have not had sufficient volume of participants to run extra-curricular programs at a reasonable cost to families.

How does Morning Care work? Where do I bring my child?

The school doors open at 7:50am and care is provided from 8:00am. Morning care is facilitated by Luis Alves and is located in the multi-purpose/lunch room (Elizabeth’s Room) on the 2nd floor of the new building. It is offered from 8:00-8:45am daily. All children must be delivered to staff directly. Children do not need to visit their cubby prior to morning care.

I’m running late. I can’t make it by 6:00pm. What do I do?

Phone the Daycare staff at (416) 934- 4522 as soon as possible to advise staff. We can prepare/advise the child if necessary. There is a late fee that should be paid directly to staff at pickup or by the next day. Please refer to the Fees Information page for details.


When are camps offered?

Camp is offered by Daycare on PD days, the second week of March Break, and for two weeks in June once the school term has ended.

What do children do on camp days?

Camp day activities are planned and facilitated by our Daycare staff. Camp days include a variety of creative projects (art, crafts), physical activities (outdoor free play, gym free play, facilitated sport and games), water play (June camp), and field trips (to local parks or attractions such as zoo). Camp is a great opportunity for children from Nursery to Grade 6 to engage with one another and play together. Many great friendships between younger and older children develop at camp! Snacks are provided in morning and afternoon. Children occasionally participate in “cooking” snacks as part of camp activities (i.e. baking).

Who provides care on camp days?

Our Daycare staff facilitate all camp days. For June camp, the Daycare hires additional staff (students from University of Toronto) to provide support, due to the volume of children and variety of activities. Student staff are all previously screened and have police checks completed.

Creative Play

What is Creative Play?

Creative Play is a program for JK and SK children on Wednesdays from 12:00-3:00pm. Creative Play is an extension of the Daycare program where children engage with their peers in diverse creative activities including art and crafts, movement, dance and musical activities. It is complemented by free play, developmentally appropriate table activities and outdoor play. Creative Play is located in the JK classroom. Children can be picked up from the JK classroom at 3:00pm. Daycare staff will transition children to the After Care program at 3:00pm (if they are registered for After Care).

Why can’t my JK/SK child attend other offsite programs on Wednesdays like the older children?

The Wednesday Program is independent from the Daycare and is coordinated by the school specifically for children between Grades 1-6. The programs are facilitated by outside staff and are located both within the school and offsite. Because the children are supervised by outside staff and have to travel to offsite locations, it is more appropriate for older children. The Daycare offers Creative Play as an onsite alternative for families who require childcare for their JK and SK child(ren) on Wednesday afternoons.

Who facilitates the Creative Play program?

Creative Play is led by a Daycare staff member who develops the weekly creative lesson plan and acquires the necessary supplies. There are additional staff who support this program.

How is this program structured? What do the children do?

The children eat their lunches and are supervised by the Creative Play staff member. Following lunch clean up, the children engage in the creative project of the day. This may be an art or craft activity, movement, dance or musical activity. Following completion and clean up, the children have the opportunity to engage in free play, table-based activities, and outdoor time. There are three terms of Creative Play (Fall, Winter, Spring) which coincide with the Wednesday Program offered by the school. You are welcome to enroll your child in any or all three terms.

How do I register for the Creative Play program?

Registration for Fall term (Sept – Nov) can be completed when registering your child(ren) for Daycare program on the Sandbox system. Simply confirm registration for Creative Play. You will be invoiced the following month. Should you wish to register for Winter or Spring terms only, please contact Daycare Supervisor.